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RDL & Associates Service Offering: Private Coaching

In addition to the broad range of consulting and strategic services offered by RDL & Associates, private coaching is available to individuals or organizations who seek intensive training in the art of lobbying, and the utilization of digital media platforms. 42 more words

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Psst… Edit for Indies finally has its own Facebook page!

Here it is: http://www.facebook.com/Edit4indies.

Feel free to Like the page and to contact me that way, if you prefer. 9 more words

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Client spotlight: Christina Pilz's 'Fagin's Boy'

Back around November of last year, I was contacted by a writer called Christina Pilz, asking me if I was free to do a critique of her already published historical novel, … 314 more words

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RDL & Associates Service Offering: Coalition Building and Grassroots Mobilization

Lobbying alone cannot ensure that your message will be heard in Washington, D.C. or the State Capitol. A broad-based demonstration of public support through grassroots mobilization is a key component of a successful campaign. 123 more words

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RDL & Associates Service Offering: Strategic Counsel and Crisis Management

During the most challenging and sensitive business circumstances, how an organization responds often governs the extent of damage to its reputation. RDL & Associates provide strategic and tactical counsel to corporations, small business, and ad hoc organizations who would like to increase or alter their profile or who need honest, informed guidance in solving a specific political or public perception issue. 14 more words

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RDL & Associates Service Offering: Government Relations

RDL & Associates is exceptionally skilled at providing clients with advice on how to navigate the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., as well as at the state and local levels of government. 88 more words

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AARP Helping Caregivers

We work with the AARP in educating its membership about a wide range of topics, including this month’s article on how one California legislator is using her firsthand experience to help the millions who provide care to their aging loved ones. 24 more words