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sic: Thusly was it written

I honestly have a hard time finding fault with anything that filters down from the geniuses at suckless.org. sic is another example.

For a sparse Internet chat application, you can’t get much closer to the bone than sic. 194 more words


Configuration Manager Power Policies not applying

Sigh. Turns out this is one of those “obvious” facepalm issues. Posting the issue anyway in the event other people come across it.

Windows clients on Configuration Manager 2012 R2 are not applying power policies at all. 301 more words


My Experience in the Mortgage Industry

At the age of 23, I was floating aimlessly through the job market and searching for anything in which I possessed even a slight interest. Given my background in the real estate industry (or, really at that time my mother’s background in the real estate industry) I ended up processing refinance loans during the most favorable time to refinance in history. 443 more words


Makes only the girl in the picture sparkly.


Collect rewards, not rares

One of the points Yaffy and I talked about was how to give cards to players. The issue we identified with giving full access is that there would be no cards to collect, a key part of a TRADING card game. 157 more words


Convenient to both noobs and pros

According to Yaffy, it’s been agreed that cards shouldn’t be collected, but instead the players should just gain full access to them all.

New players should play through an optional training phase where they are limited to what cards they can use, and later have all cards unlocked upon “graduation”. 25 more words