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ACHSM Breakfast Forum "Health IT Reform in Queensland Health – New Beginnings"

Written by: Bridget Young

I entered the function room at Royal on the Park with trepidation, as I always do when arriving at networking events or forums – will I fall flat on my face and cause the whole room to turn and stare; will this be a valuable investment my managers and directors have made for my benefit; will I get some real market intelligence to help me with better serving my clients? 270 more words


Is Your Customer Grateful to you?

It has become very important to have satisfied customers in these times of intense competition. Every company wants to have as many satisfied customers as possible because companies know the taste of having satisfied customers. 168 more words


When clients come to the rescue

Sometimes, you put on your latex and heels, slap on your lipstick, walk into a dungeon with a client who is begging for your attention, and you… 669 more words


Tattoos etc.

I’ve always considered being asked to design tattoos as a great privilege, seeing as they’re going on someone’s skin permanently: It’s always a real joy getting to do one! 99 more words


Magazine assignment

This is a sneak preview of my assignment. Can you guys guess which one is the high end and which is the low end?

Interior Decorating

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I recently had to end a tumultuous friendship, and even though this person was toxic in my life, it still wasn’t easy. The same can be said when a company/client relationship has reached its limits. 288 more words