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How To Handle Hard-to-Please Clients

We’ve all been there: cutting and coloring a client’s hair to her exact specifications—yet somehow getting it “wrong” somewhere along the way. Whether someone is requesting a small tweak or an entire do-over, dealing with unsatisfied customers is never easy. 1,363 more words


You Called Me What?

If you own a television, you have seen those commercials.  Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, Ford and Chevy, Dish Network and Comcast, many cell phone companies, and of course, political candidates, try to make themselves look good by running down the competition.  634 more words


The Cost of "How High?"

There are different levels of service. One of them is not to question why a client asks you to do something a certain way but to just do whatever you can to get it done. 224 more words


Distinguishing Buying Clients from Curious Clients

MADFU is an acronym used to weed out potential clients who are just calling and curious about your product from the more serious buying clients. MADFU helps you strategize and focus your time more on the potential serious clients who have the budget and urgency to finish a project. 316 more words


Being a Business Owner.  Wow!

I’m my only employee. Below are a few of my duties. Does this sound like you?

Acquire the tools to operate the business.

Get clients/customers… 45 more words