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Clif High ~ The War on the Living Consciousness of Water Here on Terra

I don’t always agree with Clif High’s web bot predictions; however, this piece seems more like his own spiritual awareness, and I must say, I do agree, and have agreed for a long, long time. 960 more words

Clif High: Immediacy Data Intelligence Report (IDIR) JULY10, 2014

If you haven’t heard/watched a Clif High report, take a bit of time to listen. I never put much energy into them, but they are fun to listen to. 116 more words


'Harmonized' Whistleblowers Don't Get 'Disappeared'; Clif High on David Icke [audio]

A reader (thanks, Nancy) sent this 9-minute audio from Clif High about David Icke and why he is still with us and hasn’t been assassinated by the cabal. 57 more words