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Cliff House: the house over the abyss.

It takes courage to live in a house like that.

An apartment “extreme” five-story, in some ways similar to that of Tony Stark in Iron Man, which clings to the side of a cliff. 159 more words


Casa con vistas al mar y a nada más en Australia

Casa con vistas al mar y a nada más en Australia

Casa Acantilado


En los anuncios inmobiliarios, el que una casa tenga “vistas al mar” es un argumento de venta de peso.

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Casa Acantilado

Everybody's favorite city

San Francisco was one of the destinations I was coming back to regularly for over 3 years. This city is sophisticated enough to become a favorite to anybody: the Bohemian, the techie, the conservative and the ultra-libertine. 344 more words


home by the sea

Acadia National Park – cliff house at Schooner Head. Locals refer to it as The Castle. Schooner Head itself is not a part of Acadia National Park but is privately owned which has several “cottages”. 18 more words


An Ocean Filled Day

So, when I first moved here, I didn’t realize how close to the beach I lived. A few days went by and I heard my roomie say on the phone to someone who was coming by to pick up a box of hand written addressed envelopes, (she does calligraphy.) “I live by the beach”. 227 more words

an open letter to Anthony Bourdain

Dear Tony

Please forgive the informality. I feel like we should be on first name terms.

Thank you very much for The Layover program, in particular the San Francisco edition, where you alerted us to the existence of the Swan Oyster Depot. 167 more words


The Cliff House in my dreams

When you stand by the Magic Camera, do you look up and see Sutro winking out a window of the long-ago burned down Cliff House of your dreams? 394 more words