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Summer Swimming with the Siblings

The Holy Week gave me and my siblings enough time to go on a short vacation to Medellin in Cebu. There are a lot of more beautiful and accessible beaches in the Cebu province, but our youngest sister insisted on going to Gibitngil because she wants to try their 30-foot cliff jumping spot. 851 more words


Amazing Chiang Mai- Why I decided to go Elephant Trekking in Thailand, Cliff Jumping, and More

Chiang Mai was awesome! I had a fantastic time in and around this city. I was only supposed to stay for 3 days and I ended up staying over a week! 1,019 more words


Pololu and Rainbow Falls

Pololu Valley is definitely one of my favorite things about the Big Island. It is beautiful and such a fun hike. For my birthday I wanted to hike Pololu even though I had already done it twice before because it is seriously one of the coolest hikes I have ever done. 419 more words


Goodbye GoPro

Over Christmas break, my buddies and I were cliff jumping at Turtle Cove in Yona, Guam when my boy Matty accidentally dropped my GoPro upon impact. 284 more words

Christmas Break

Ice Dip

Jump into the ice cold glacier-fed pool,

Cliff high above, dropping down breaks a rule,

Those here before will try to alert us,

Takes breath away, before you resurface, 304 more words

Decisions...or Cliff Jumping!

We all have had trouble making decisions don’t we? Decisions can be difficult—such as what kind of career do I want? Or as simple as—should I have another piece of chocolate pie? 215 more words

Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping.

If there is strength in unity
I want you on my side
If there is hope in love
I hope ours always abides
If a penny saved is a penny earned… 96 more words