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Cooler temps offer needed relief for RAGBRAI bikers

After enduring two days of high temperatures and gusting winds, RAGBRAI cyclists will get a much-needed reprieve from the heat during Wednesday’s leg of the ride. 155 more words


Gusty Winds, Downpours to Extend From Pittsburgh to NYC, Portland

By Jordan Root

Warm and humid air in place over much of the Northeast at midweek will contribute to the risk of drenching, gusty and locally severe thunderstorms on Wednesday. 413 more words

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Midweek Rain to Help Battle Northwest Wildfires

By Jordan Root

With the recent scorching heat wave fading away into the past, more relief will greet the Northwest by midweek in the form of rain. 380 more words

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Reason : Why Climatology beings from 1979 onwards

Reasons behind climatology beings from 1979 onwards,

Most of the global region observation relying on satellite measurements data.

1) Satellite measurements of ice areas began in 1979… 233 more words


Derecho May Spread High Winds From Fargo to Minneapolis, Chicago

By Kristina Pydynowski

Heat and humidity building across the North Central states will fuel potentially damaging thunderstorms through Tuesday.

A storm system emerging from the Rockies will fuel severe thunderstorms in a west-to-east fashion from the Dakotas to the western Great Lakes Monday afternoon through Tuesday. 518 more words

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what global warming crisis? ...

Evidence based science trumps warmist model science. Dr Easterbrook comprehensively destroys the global warming bull offered by Government controlled bureaucracies of  the NOAA and their NASA, IPCC consortium of scaremongers and data adjusters, in a Climate Depot special: 307 more words


Typhoon Rammasun Slams China, Vietnam

By Eric Leister

After moving over extreme northern Hainan China Friday afternoon, local time, the eye of Super Typhoon Rammasun will crash into the Leizhou Peninsula early Friday evening. 287 more words

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