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Climate Prophet Hansen Says Arctic Will Be Ice-Free By 2013

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Hey it all depends on the definition of the words Sea Ice which could mean ice created by the sea and since its created by the cold there would technically be no sea (created) ice. Or maybe he is just an old fool!

Uncertainty in the dirt: another climate feedback loop

From the Carnegie Institution  Climate change and the soil

Climate warming may not drive net losses of soil carbon from tropical forests

Washington, DC — The planet’s soil releases about 60 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, which is far more than that released by burning fossil fuels. 437 more words


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More proof that the "Believers" maybe believing in the wrong things; or they are simply corrupted by the grant money from the feds; I'm not sure which is worse.

Climate displacement

In 2012, the number of people displaced did to climate change was 32.4 million.

The climate displaced population is expected to reach over 200 million in the coming decades.

Climate Displacement

Mainstreaming children's vulnerabilities and capacities into community-based adaptation to enhance impact

Below is the text of an article Caroline Bourchard (of Plan International) and I recently published in the journal Climate and Development. This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis Group in Climate and Development on 18/07/2014, available online: … 7,583 more words

Children And Climate Change

Ban Ki-moon invites al-Sisi to attend Climate Change Summit 2014..begs for Gaza ceasefire


In his visit to Cairo, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon invited Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to head the Egyptian delegation in the forthcoming Climate Change Summit, held in New York on September 23, Youm7 reported. 441 more words

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It's The Communism, Stupid

Climate activists are becoming more open that their goal is communism.

Climate change conference calls for an end to capitalism

A climate change conference held in Venezuela involving roughly 130 green groups has ended with a call to end capitalism and reject carbon markets, reports RTCC.

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Communism --- that also sounds a lot like UN Agenda 21... oh wait I repeated my self!

Another discussion of money and climate research warming advocacy

It is easy to count on whores to advocate for turning tricks for the government agencies that provide succor.

Climate Change

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Good words for that is what they are!