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Keeping focused on climate change: Why the deniers don't matter anymore.

Despite the UO GTF strike consuming most of the oxygen in my life these days, I haven’t forgotten my other interests, and I’ve been planning to do a climate change post for several days now. 1,230 more words



Never underestimate human capacity for denial.

I first formulated the above phrase – and flattered myself by naming it – some decades ago; so long, indeed, that I’ve no clear idea when I first said it.

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Critical Thinking

(Lord) Christopher Monkton - "gays sleep with up to 20,000 people"

Monkton – former UKIP deputy, and once political advisor to Margaret Thatcher – notorious climate change denier, stated gays sleep with up to 20,000 people. 97 more words

It's far from new: A climate change warning from 1958. [video]

Deniers of anthropogenic climate change love to claim that the whole issue is a hoax, ginned up very recently by Al Gore and modern liberals in order to . 214 more words

Environmental History

A reformed climate denier

For all those climate deniers out there, I recommend that you read a recent article republished by Salon, “I was once a climate change denier,” by Kasra Hassani, a scientist with a PhD in microbiology and immunology. 114 more words

Climate Change

Fighting Climate Change With Reality Drop, Humane Population Regulation, and More!


Speaking Out:

You Can Help Fight Climate Change with Reality Drop, a project by theClimate Reality Project, to combat the rampant online misinformation about climate change and its solutions, especially clean energy. 537 more words