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My Comment to the FSU Board of Trustees on their Potential Appointment of a Creationist President

September 17, 2014

Dear Honorable Florida State University Board of Trustees:

I believe it is wholly inappropriate to appoint an individual who neither believes in evolution nor climate change President of a Carnegie One Research University. 378 more words


Louisiana Governor Hedges On Climate Change As His State Disappears Into the Sea

Well duh…

Think Progress

WASHINGTON, DC—Louisiana Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Bobby Jindal (R) unveiled a new energy plan Tuesday that called for increasing on- and off-shore oil drilling and gas fracking, rolling back environmental protections, and completely withdrawing from the United Nations climate negotiation process. 435 more words

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Rain Records Broken In Phoenix And Mesa Arizona-Evacuations And Flooding-Killer Storms In The Midwest-Kashimir Villages Flood

Mesa and Phoenix Arizona have broken all records for rainfall in one day. Severe flooding and evacuations taking place. Phoenix had 84MM and Tucson. 32MM. Isn’t this supposed to be the desert? 77 more words

The Theology of Climate Change Denial

Let me say outright that I am not interested in this post in trying to prove climate change to anyone. I frankly find such debates exhausting. 2,293 more words

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The Theology of Climate Change Denial by George Handley, An Introduction

Religion is the greatest hope we have in solving environmental problems. This might sound extreme or wrong and you might want to argue the point with me, but let me explain. 828 more words

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Making Sense 1

In making sense of things – of anything, really – there are at least three factors involved: logical coherence, empirical adequacy, and narrative intelligibility. The last item there, “narrative intelligibility,” is the tricky one, and the one that many people tend to forget about. 1,307 more words

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