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The End Of Climate Change -- 100 Word Story

The atmosphere’s warming trend slowed suddenly, tapering to a halt in only twenty years. Ocean temperatures shifted their immense inertia to follow suit. The icecaps began to regain weight. 73 more words

Science Fiction

Model-Centrism 2: Data Density

Within the limits of my own study, the idea of “data density” and its relation to science vs. pseudo-science, is not one that I recall having encountered. 1,281 more words


You Can Be a Part of History: Join Divestment Day, Feb 13-14th!

Act Local, Vote Global

OO Obama’s Keystone Veto: Proof That Climate Activism Works says Bill McKibben.

** Let’s make 2015 the year the world vows to leave fossil fuels in the ground for good. 231 more words

The Nature of Scientific Controversies

The title of this post is, among other things, a play on Kuhn’s classic The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. The purpose of this post is to set out a collection of “quick and dirty” rules of thumb for non-specialists to be able to determine when a putative “controversy” (as reported in the press) is a genuine scientific controversy. 1,281 more words

Philosophy Of Logic

Australia’s changing climate and climate myths

The following are a wonderful set of climate myths that I am sure many of you have heard.  Many thanks to Environment Victoria http://environmentvictoria.org.au  for allowing me to share the whole set here.   369 more words

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In Time for Tomorrow?

My blog has been quiet over the last six months. The reason? I’ve been writing a book with Andy Brown, In Time for Tomorrow? which will be out on January 14th, price £11.99. 305 more words