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Why Settled Science?

There is such a thing as preponderance of evidence. The climate change deniers want to use the time frame required for research as a weakness, it is not a weakness; it is the correct and right process. 726 more words

Climate Change Denial

Breaking: If You Deny Climate Change, You Will Contract Ebola!!!

Oh, well, it was worth a try. I mean, I don’t have billions of dollars, nor do I have a sibling with billions of dollars, and I figure those who ignore evidence and just go for the quick headline or sound bite will believe me, so it was worth a shot. 123 more words

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Conservatives Will Miss their own Environmental Targets

Despite reassurances to the contrary, the sector-by-sector Conservative approach is not working.

The Environment Commissioner today confirmed what New Democrats have been warning for years: the Conservative government has failed to tackle climate change. 164 more words

Canada's NDP

More on why the LNP have an antieducation agenda

To attack people who point out that the facts aren’t on their side. At the Conversation.

This is truly appalling behaviour from the LNP in Victoria, but exactly why they want to limit education and research.

BOOK REPLIES/REVIEW (2014): Squarzoni, Whittington-Evans, & Hahnenberger’s (2014) Climate Changed: A Personal Journey through the Science

Summary (TLDR Version)

When we hear that systemic racism, mass incarceration, global climate change, and the like “are” enormous problems and will take massive, system-wide intervention to address, for the lone individual this may often make him or her feel, “There’s nothing I can do.” And yet, to deny the possibility of doing anything provides exactly the precondition to allow these unacceptable human injustices to continue. 2,715 more words

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TV News Misses Yet Another Opportunity To Cover Climate Change

This is not the first time the networks dropped the climate change ball.  It’s almost as if they don’t want to offend their big oil sponsors…(snark) 328 more words

Climate Change