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Follow the Money

Scandals about the conditions in which people who work in third world countries are frequent. The latest scandal claims Apple exhausts the workers who make its products in China and uses (indirectly) child labour to work in dangerous mines in Indonesia. 283 more words

Climate Change

Low oil prices and the contradictions of empire

Will low oil prices and the contradictions of empire foil Stephen Harper’s plans?

In a not-terribly-surprising move last week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper reversed previous pledges to inaugurate new emissions regulations for the oil-and-gas industry. 1,329 more words


THIS is not cool....

Climate Change

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Very informative account of the accelerated melting of the Greenland ice. But it is still too optimistic. It doesn't factor in the positive feedback loop with Arctic methane release.

Abby introduces Governor Inslee

December 4th, 2014 Video from the Seattle Westin ballroom in front of 800 people with VP Gore and Governor Inslee.

Abby Introduces Gov Inslee

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Bootaki!!! Bootaki!!! Bootaki!!!

After familiarizing ourselves with the house of two rooms, outdoor roki and the most picturesque seaside bwia, Amanda showed us around her school’s compound.  No larger than half the size of a football field, the thirteen houses encircling the school were busy preparing the meal for our welcome celebration which was to be held later that night on the school’s compound. 565 more words

Climate Change

The 0.01 Degree Shell Game

Gavin and the clowns at NCDC juggled fake temperatures to get a world record temperature by 0.01 degrees – ahead of the fake Lima climate talks. 71 more words

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Facts hurt when you are a believer!

Climate Change and Poverty: An Analytical Framework

World Bank / by by Stephane Hallegatte, et al.

Climate change and climate policies will affect poverty reduction efforts through direct and immediate impacts on the poor and by affecting factors that condition poverty reduction, such as economic growth. 227 more words

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