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Tanzania diary: July 3

The chicken coop in which we sat with Tumaini Munisi needed a heater. Mosquitoes have been no problem on this Karimu trip because of the cool weather, yet this was extreme. 1,294 more words


methods in ecology.

Hi! I’m actually out of contact completely – we moved to a field site in northern Sweden where the only communication is by satellite phone to check in with the main field station – but here I am, back form the void, with a scheduled post I made before I left. 137 more words


I'd Say "Endorsed" - Celebs Aren't THAT Smart

US Climate Policy Unduly Influenced By ‘Hollywood Elites,’ Republican Senator Charges


Celebrity endorsements (sports, music, electronics) sell products – ummm.. so aren’t we starting the obvious?

Government Fury

Yes, "flat earthers" climate change denying scientists do exist

Boy oh boy! I can hear heads exploding all over the world.

Here is a video from the 9th annual International Conference On Climate Change. These people obviously didn’t get the memo that the science was settled and debate need no longer commence.


Op-Ed: Happy Birthday, Colorado River - long may you live!

Conservation has to be the centerpiece of local, state and regional water planning efforts

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — When Congress 93 years ago formally renamed the Grand River as the Colorado, it probably didn’t have any inkling about what the mightiest river in the West would be subjected too early in the 21st century. 859 more words


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Crist Meets With Scientist On Climate Change

TALLAHASSEE (AP) — Former Gov. Charlie Crist was given a climate-change lecture Friday and used the opportunity to point out that Republican Gov. Rick Scott isn’t saying much about the issue. 318 more words