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BEST practices step uncertainty levels in their climate data

Brandon Shollenberger writes in with this little gem:

I thought you might be interested in a couple posts I wrote discussing some odd problems with the BEST temperature record.  455 more words

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Improving Climate Literacy: 'Temperature Homogenization Activity'

Guest essay by Jim Steele

In 2012 the National Academies of Science published A Framework For K-12 Science Education Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas. Although the framework often characterizes climate change as a negative and disruptive phenomenon, the framework clearly states students need to understand all the factors causing climate change writing, “Natural factors that cause climate changes over human time scales (tens or hundreds of years) include variations in the sun’s energy output, ocean circulation patterns, atmospheric composition, and volcanic activity.” … 2,192 more words

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2014 in Review

Temperatures were below average in 2014 with precipitation below average in the south and above average in the north.

The yearly average temperature in St. Louis was 65.10, the average low 46.40 and the overall average 55.80.  1,032 more words

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Anthropogenic Warming in the CET Record?

Guest essay by Neil Catto

The CET record started in 1659 close to the minimum of the little ice age. As such, it is with no surprise that last year (2014) was the warmest on record. 261 more words

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December: Above Average Temps; Below Average Snow

December 2014, goes down in the record books with above average temperatures and below average to well below average snow.  After a very cold November, the weather pattern reversed and mild weather returned.  1,058 more words

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