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Yeo et al. solar spectral irradiance reconstruction 1974 to 2013


Reconstruction of total and spectral solar irradiance from 1974 to 2013 based on KPVT, SoHO/MDI, and SDO/HMI observations
K. L. Yeo, N. A. Krivova, S. K. 407 more words


ISIS threatens to "boil the planet"

CANBERRA – ISIS has thrown down the gauntlet in response to Australia’s involvement in Iraq, threatening to “boil the planet” if Australian forces take military action in the Middle East. 445 more words


A touch of summer?

It is rather warm here in West Wollongong this morning. Summer nears. Or does it? We still use the terminology of the northern hemisphere, but in different parts of the country the… 284 more words


Arithmetic, Population, and Energy

This talk by Dr. Al Bartlett is both a lesson in simple consequences of growth rates, and a discussion of historic consumption of resources such as petroleum, coal, and space.   53 more words


Drought Matters: a Social-Ecological perspective

By Andrew Felton

Drought is a deceivingly complex phenomenon. Behind the absence of rainfall, the impacts of drought feed into our social, economic, and ecological systems. 1,310 more words

Global Change

Environmental Ethics: I'm Right. Everyone Else is Wrong. No, You Can't Have My Data. After all, it's MY data.

This paper has almost got it right. The title really should be; “Ethics of Environmental (Climate) Scientists? What’s That?”.

As mentioned in a prior post… 511 more words