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Climate change, commonly known as “global warming”, is happening and has been happening for the better half of the past 1 million years. Although this series of posts is indeed regarding climate change, I will not be defending the science of climate change for the skeptics. 1,325 more words

A Study in Contrast

If certainty is your thing, then New Zealand probably isn’t your place. The weather changes by the minute, volcanoes erupt in city parks, and the ground beneath you is… 292 more words


From ABC Australia: Earth on fire

A chilling documentary from ABC Australia , this July documentary presents a chilling vision of the future, in which vast fires sweep across landscapes around the globe. 273 more words


#kenringwatch results for September

The number of views on here has shot up recently. Wondering why, I googled, and yep, Ken Ring has released his “almanac” for next year (at a mere €51 incl. 443 more words


John Cook Says Record Antarctic Ice Is Due To Warmer Southern Ocean

By Paul Homewood  


According to John Cook, Antarctic sea ice has been expanding because the Southern Ocean is getting warmer. He also claims that anyone thinking more ice is due to colder conditions is “ignorant”. 60 more words

Climate Change

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You couldn't make this up if you tried. Typical of warmist claims, it's usually the opposite. I keep thinking maybe this time but no. Tornado variation responsible for decrease Warming responsible for Australian frosts.

Normal life returns

Jane returned from Auckland and all went well for her. Sadly the weekend has flown and she returned to work this morning :-( .

However we had a good weekend with lots being done in the garden, never as much as was needed but it rarely is, we brought 2 Clematis plants from the local garden centre and  I promptly took cuttings from both as I caught one and broke a little off and made into a cutting but I had intended to take cuttings to increase the number of plants we have. 321 more words