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Non Anthropogenic Carbon Emission - Rotten Theory ?

H/T Dr. Tim Ball and Watts Up With That (Source)

It’s not surprising because all greenhouse gas numbers are very crude estimates for each source.

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A Marina on Baffin Island.

Global warming is causing the polar ice-caps to melt. There is forty percent less summer ice now than in the 1970s. By 2030 the Arctic could be free of ice during summer. 627 more words

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Rainier Melting Faster Than Expected

Mt. Rainier is the Washington State’s 14,410 foot landmark. The height means the peak shoves itself into the upper storm streams that gained strength across the North Pacific. 165 more words


GISS Deletes Arctic And Southern Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Data

Guest post by Bob Tisdale

There are numerous blog posts and discussions about how the GISS global temperature anomaly product GISTEMP differs from the Hadley Centre and NCDC datasets. 1,782 more words

Climate Data

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This is a great post bjt is eing placed here in support of a discussion on CT Realists, a group of scientists in CT wbo do not support climate change alarmism. And doing a lell of a job.

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The last two months have been intense but rewarding. The exhibition – Seaweed -have now been displayed in four of seven places around Sweden. The first opening was at the house of culture in Örebro. 332 more words