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All those Greenie supporters of renewables, like wind and solar, ought to have their own residences connected up to them only, not the grid. Instead the rest of us have to suffer with higher power costs to pay for the subsidies, and the costs of no wind, and cloudy days. 163 more words


Meat and the environment

Most of us love our meat, and feel that any meal without it isn’t worth having. This is despite some evidence that vegetarians live longer… 567 more words


El Nino Project (Part 6)

guest post by Steven Wenner

Hi, I’m Steve Wenner.

I’m an industrial statistician with over 40 years of experience in a wide range applications (quality, reliability, product development, consumer research, biostatistics); but, somehow, time series only rarely crossed my path. 979 more words


The Pause: warmaholics tie themselves in knots

This is the awkward result when reality confronts ideology.

According to Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science, the Pause is just a myth:

Climate myth… It hasn’t warmed since 1998…

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Southern Winds Producing Monsoonal Climate Also Warming Bay Area Coastal Waters

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — The same winds bringing the monsoonal moisture causing atypical summer weather in the Bay Area are also causing a phenomenon along the coast – making the water warmer. 153 more words


Parallels between Australia, Assembly AB 32 revolt are obvious

One of the most universal findings in the social sciences has been the uniform way that humans at all stages of history have been for something that they think reflects well on them until they perceive that it costs them a dime. 275 more words

Climate Change

Midweek Rain to Help Battle Northwest Wildfires

By Jordan Root

With the recent scorching heat wave fading away into the past, more relief will greet the Northwest by midweek in the form of rain. 380 more words

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