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Great Big Walk Day 55: To Thame (3820m)

To Thame (3820m/3hrs).
We turn south and down valley towards Lukla for our return to Kathmandu. There are Sherpa villages to be explored as we descend the gorge. 31 more words

Everest 3.0



Climb to the top of the rocks.

Look out.

What do you see?

Do you see the beauty all around you?

Do you feel that you have accomplished something?

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Post 30 / No Directive / Be Bold

I was never comfortable with heights. The escalators around the metro in D.C freak me out. Mostly I experience anxiety, panic, and a great deal of sweating. 171 more words

Nove meses + Joca

Fim de semana prolongado por conta do feriado. Sexta com cara de sábado e segunda com cara de domingo.
Meu marido não quis saber de cidade e foi logo dizendo: vamos escalar no feriado! 69 more words


A Child's Time-In Simple Rhyme (175)

To climb as high as we can in the tree-

To then look ,and see as far as we can see.