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The Start of 2015 (And some resolutions)

Ooof! It’s been awhile since I posted! My new job is keeping me super busy and frankly, since I’m on the computer a lot for my job, I don’t want to be on it when I’m done working. 738 more words


BLOG: Strongly sluffed and a smack in the ear

The rush of snow got stronger until it engulfed me and the bright daylight turned to a black nothingness. I grabbed wildly at the rock wall of the gully with my gloved hand as the great weight piled heavier on top of me, trying to pull me down the slope. 1,400 more words

Red Point Bristol Beginners Course

For some time now I have wanted to get into climbing, the sport has always interested me, the problem solving aspect and the achievement of scaling a mighty rock face or a little rock face for that matter, but reaching your goal what ever it is. 205 more words

Wander Woman

The Rise Of The Athlete Model

Recently I came across an interesting think piece on climbing website Evening Sends which raised the question of whether one particular female climber was in fact a climber or a model. 738 more words


Descending to Hidden Lake

Flickr member Vern Dewit hikes and climbs in the Canadian Rockies and his images are first rate.

Check out his various albums up on flickr of trips he’s been on.


Deung duut Jai

Deung duut Jai – Heart Wall, 6A+

Climbing is a lifelong journey it’s the same as life. Someday you feel good and someday you feel really not psyched. 235 more words


Chong Phli - Day 22 & 23

Nothing much exciting to report.  2 days ago I tried Round the Bend 6a+.  Sadly I could not even make it to the second bolt.   295 more words