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Staying Fit on the Road

Keeping up with any sort of workout regimen is hard enough in daily life. On the road, it becomes almost impossible – any of you who have traveled a lot for business know exactly what I mean – and even more so in budget accommodation that will never have a gym attached. 1,717 more words


My Hike up Pen-Y-Fan and Corn Du Mountains

I woke up at the crack of dawn, by which I mean an hour or two after sun-rise, bolted down a quick breakfast, tossed some water and snacks into a bag and walked out the door at 7:45am.


The democratic wild

If you live near one, come August it’s impossible to not think that the American National Park system is fatally flawed. Glacier National Park, our backyard, gets around… 1,248 more words


Field Testing the new HL-1D Compact Logger - Up the Matterhorn!

Last week Rotronic launched their latest small compact temperature and/or humidity data logger!

With the Friday off work myself and a friend thought how better to test the impressive little logger than slinging it in a pack and carrying it up through sun, fog, snow and rain on an audacious weekend attempt to climb the 4478m Matterhorn in the beautiful Swiss Alps (I confess my friend could not care less about the logger aspect but was certainly up for the climb). 424 more words


The Middle

My cat, Felix, whom I’ve affectionately started calling “Fee” ever since I’ve gotten hooked on the TV show Orphan Black, wakes me up every morning in-between 5:00 and 5:30.   473 more words


Mt. Fancy-Pants

We left Hanoi on the train the day Typhoon Rammasun was going to hit, according to all the weather reports. We didn’t want to sit inside for a couple days while it rained and rained with nothing to do. 1,373 more words


Hello again, Sydney!

So I am back in Sydney. I think it is the third time I’m in this city. I don’t know what it is, but I quite like it here. 271 more words