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The luxury of time

I have had a lovely week.

Really. I mean that. I’m not just talking about the perfectly-grilled steak I had for dinner last night, or the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to find Girl Scouts selling cookies at my subway stop, even though those were definitely highlights. 449 more words

Clinic Talk

When "good" isn't good enough

Dear parents-of-college-students: before you decline your kid’s college health insurance plan because you have “good insurance”, please check to make sure that “good” will be good enough. 999 more words

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One hot potato

I love science.

Today, Dr. Awesome*, myself, and an NP student were discussing something called “hot potato voice” – specifically, whether use of the term is limited to patients with peritonsillar abscess, or could also be used to describe patients with particularly gnarly cases of tonsillitis. 385 more words

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