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How to become a CRA: Part 2

CRA Weekly is a huge success! The post How to become a CRA received almost 200 views with around 100 visitors in one day! Thank you for making this blog a success. 1,269 more words


A little bit of this and that..

Where do I begin? Tomorrow begins my 5th week of the semester and I’d say it’s in full swing. I started clinical rotations last week. My first two shifts were in the ER and they were really exciting. 275 more words

First Hospital Clinical Today! Yay!

So…. today we got to experience our first hospital clinical today on the OB/L&D unit. Despite having to wake up before 5am, I was super excited. 284 more words


past the cover: how having an invisible illness made me a more empathic social worker

The first time I heard a fellow social worker say, out loud, “If you come in with a coach bag and manicured nails and tell me you’re on welfare, you’re damn right I’m going to judge you,” I almost cried. 3,325 more words

Social Work

Overview On substance Abuse By Pharm Bivan Shadrach ~ @Iam_SHADY_99

According to WHO substance abuse refers to the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, in other words substances are abused when
 When it is not medically necessary. 441 more words


Is Cancer Overdiagnosed?

There is a growing debate in healthcare, spurred by an advisory panel for National Cancer Institute, that says cancer is being over-diagnosed. There is no doubt that early-detection of cancer has saved lives, especially for the more aggressive varieties. 401 more words

Diagnosis and Laryngeal Complications of Bordatella pertussis Infection in the Ambulatory Adult Population.

Bordatella pertussis infection leads to a chronic, debilitating, and paroxysmal cough that can last for months to years. Incidence of B pertussis in the immunized adult population is rising nationwide, but many otolaryngologists are unfamiliar with the diagnosis and management of this disease. 125 more words