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Freezing condition during shipping costing millions. Logistic Managers due your research down to the smallest details

Last week, Ampio Biopharmaceuticals was forced to delay the release of Phase III trial data after temperature fluctuations during shipment damaged its osteoarthritis study drug Ampion. 446 more words

August 2014

First observed MDT meeting

On Thursday 28th, I had the chance to observe an MDT meeting – alot more interesting than I initially thought!
The meeting contains a mixture of doctors, nurses, assistant psychologists and clinical psychologists. 85 more words


Branding counselling psychologists!

Medics often brand themselves as illness specialists: we suffer because we’re ill; a bit of us is broken, we’ll fix that by cutting something off or adding a pill; if you’re lucky, you’ll be cured. 521 more words


Misc tip

Have same set up for lines, monitors, etc, every time so that when things change this is constant, and when you need to respond quickly you know where things are, because there are always there.


CVC extension tip

On one port of CVC line attach a 20cm or 50cm extension so that it is way away from neck so you can easily access it without needing to rummage under drapes.


Doctor's Share Their Favorite Labor Inducing Wive's Tale

What do spicy food, castor oil, and sex have in common? They are the top three most popular labor inducing wive’s tales mentioned by our Sermo members. 517 more words


Clinical Pharmacologist - YOH - South San Francisco

Job Description:

Responsible for the clinical pharmacology activities of Biologics in clinical development.
– Responsible for the Clinical Pharmacology strategy in order to ensure that appropriate dose/route/schedule decisions are made using the state of the art modeling and simulation strategies that are aligned with project needs. 85 more words

San Francisco