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Genetic Counseling Central in Clinical Genomics

As broader, more accurate genetic tests reach the market, Certified Genetic Counselors (CGC) will remain an important part of the process of delivering this information to the patient. 362 more words

When to Start Looking for a Nursing Job - Clinical March Me | Find a Preceptor

Should you start looking for a job right away or take a little time off? Here are some tips on when to start looking for a nursing job.

Watch it, children also react to drugs #RxchatNg

Medicines are meant to cure. They are meant to relieve symptoms and bring succor to the user. When used as directed by the physician, medicines can cure, slow the progress of, or prevent disease outright, thereby helping us to lead healthier and happier lives. 879 more words


FIRST DAY OF CLINICAL (October 9, 2014)

Finally the sixth week of the semester has come and we are going to go to the hospital for our first actual clinical. I know that I have already been on the floor especially at the same hospital from last semester, but I was still nervous and excited like the very first time. 484 more words

Pertactin-negative B. pertussis strains: evidence for a possible selective advantage.

A recent increase in B. pertussis without the pertactin protein, an acellular vaccine immunogen, has been reported in the U.S. Determining whether pertactin-deficient (PRN-) B. pertussis is evading vaccine-induced immunity or altering the severity of illness is needed. 276 more words


The Burden of Pertussis in Patients with and without Recurrent Ischaemic Vascular Events.

Pertussis seroepidemiology and associated factors in older adults aged ≥40 years with and without acute myocardial infarction (AMI) were studied to investigate whether unrecognised pertussis may precipitate AMI. 195 more words



Mr I.V.K, 64 years old came to see his doctor complaining of increased lethargy and tiredness. He was noted to have out on weight, 5kg over the last 2 months without any change in appetite or exercise pattern. 94 more words