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Hawkeye & Hawkeye: Gender balance, self-destruction and a private detective

Marvel gave us something really special in Hawkeye, and they really didn’t need to. With the character gaining recognition from The Avengers movie there was already a natural direction and audience for a revamped Clint Barton, but Marvel rarely do anything by the numbers these days. 537 more words


At The Amusement Park

This fanfic is really long (although I wrote it in one sitting) but I didn’t want to split it up, so here it is, all in one post! 2,295 more words


It's Never Boring At Avenger's Tower...

Once upon a boring day, when Thor was on Asgard and Banner was out shopping (that‘s a story for another time)…

Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. 955 more words


Comic Review: Hawkeye vs Deadpool #3

Marvel Comics

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artist: Matteo Lolli and Jacopo Camagni

Colour artist: Cristiane Peter

Hawkeye and Deadpool find themselves involved in a murder mystery – although Clint Barton wishes Deadpool wasn’t involved in this – and find themselves having to stop Black Cat from stealing a list that contains the identity of every undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agent, in the process she is also brainwashing people to kill anyone who gets in her way.   338 more words

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Aw, Cookies

I have never decorated cookies before. I understand that this is quintessential holiday stuff in most households, but for my family, the priorities were different. The cookie-to-mouth express line did not have time to stop for icing. 1,040 more words