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Review: Hawkeye #1

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: David Aja

If your only knowledge of Hawkeye is from the Marvel movies, as I confess it was for me, then he’s not exactly the most inspiring of characters. 407 more words


Riots in Russia: Epilogue

“They should just know.”  Tony ran a hand through his hair, tousling it.  “It should just be an innate knowledge.”

Link to chapter 2 is here:   961 more words


Review: Hawkeye #15

Title: Hawkeye #15

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $2.99

Storytellers: Matt Fraction (writer) with David Aja (artist)

Clint is still being harassed/threatened by the Russian mobsters that want his apartment building. 122 more words


Vacation: Chapter 2

Tony was in Clint’s lap now, their faces inches apart, and there was a heat in his eyes that was unmistakable. 

There will be an epilogue after this, but just a short one.   2,969 more words


Little Things to Remember From Previous Marvel Movies...

Here are some random things to remember from the previous MCU movies in regards to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Obviously, this post contains SPOILERS for all the previous Marvel movies… Iron Man 1-3, Thor 1-2, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Marvel’s The Avengers. 571 more words



More fabulous J2 art!  I posted this before, but now it’s colored!  Look how pretty!

Please remember that, if you comment, to write to her, not me.   8 more words


Hawkeye #17 - Review

By: Matt Fraction (story), Chris Eliopoulos & David Aja (art), Jordie Bellaire (colors)

The Story: The Winter Friends are here to save a multidenominational, political correct holiday! 744 more words