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"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

​Il fallait bien que je vois le film duquel tous les clichés de films westerns proviennent!

Le spaghetti western par excellence, ou du moins c’est ce que tous les experts prétendent, « The Good, the Bad and the Ugly » se passe durant la Guerre Civile dans un petit bled du Nouveau Mexique, un temps où les gens tentent de survivre. 403 more words


Clint Eastwood

Don Mauricio is the Clint Eastwood of Nicaragua.
He’s 80 something years old and every night walks up to the summit to sleep at the Ranchon, to keep his eye on the lone solar panel that the tourism and coffee cooperative has up there. 51 more words

Million Dollar Baby (Eastwood, 2004)

For all its emotional gestures, I felt nothing while watching this. Through its contrived plot, poor rhythm, and false sentiments, Million Dollar Baby (2004) tries to hit all of the right notes, following some kind of feel-good-yet-still-sappy Hollywood formula. 98 more words


Trouble with the Curve (2012)

So… I keep putting new Eastwood movies off and everytime I watch’em I am really enjoying myself. It’s just something about movies with the baseball atmosphere. 206 more words


Magnum Force 1973

While all of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry sequels have their merits, Ted Post’s 1973 outing probably stands the test of time, expanding the universe from Don Siegel’s film and repositioning Harry as more than just a vigilante cop, but a tremendous force of moral responsibility. 130 more words


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Clint Eastwood

Cinema Quote of the Day

“Most people who’ll remember me, if at all, will remember me as an action guy, which is OK. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there will be a certain group which will remember me for the other films, the ones where I took a few chances. 9 more words