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“Terry Christmas!” Hogan (a.k.a. “Ho-Ho-Hogan“, “Hollywood Hogan“, “Hull Kogan” etc.) stars as a greedy-wealthy tycoon/muscle-y man that has a penchant for paintball and selling merchandise with his face on it.  386 more words


Apollo 13

Starring: Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise, Bill Paxton, Ed Harris, Kathleen Quinlan, Xander Berkeley, Clint Howard, Loren Dean, Brett Cullen
Directed By: Ron Howard…
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Movie Review

Grand Theft Auto (1977)

It’s easy to see how Ron Howard made Grand Theft Auto. He was 23 years old in 1977 and already had a few years of… 685 more words

A Beautiful Mind

Christmas Movies: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 - The Initiation (1990)

I think that expecting continuity from low-budget horror and sci-fi franchises is a fool’s errand. Writing about the ways they fail to follow on from their own predecessors is getting “samey”, and I presume anyone reading this feels the same way. 859 more words


Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #19: Santa With Muscles

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 19th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. As you already know last month here on SuperMarcey.com, I said that this edition was going to be a special Christmas themed one in honour this month.  1,816 more words


Evilspeak (1981)

In the early 80s a number of films – exploitation films ranging from horror to naziploitation – were banned in the UK. These so called ‘Video Nasties” were supposed to be the sickest films imaginable, a threat against the minds of children and any other unfortunate soul who came to be subjected to them. 655 more words


Going Dark for the Holidays

Today is the last day of the Thanksgiving Holiday, the second weekend in a row I’ve had off. I have done nothing except cook. eat, sleep and play stupid puzzle games. 1,194 more words

The Wonderful World Of Crap