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Movie Archive: Coogan's Bluff (1968) starring Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is Coogan. Deputy sherif from Arizona. Cowboy hat. Visits New York to pick up some hood. Countryside versus big city. Coogan has run-ins with chief inspector Lee J. 294 more words


Budapest: A Clintasha Fanfiction Chapter Two

Her heart burning, Natasha kept on practicing. Fight training helped take her mind off the pain. She back flipped with a grunt and a yell. Kicking over the nearest weapon display case; she pulled her knife out of the wall and threw it into the wooden door. 596 more words


Clint 38/365

Tonight I finally took my last dose of antibiotics. I’m feeling SO much better now!


Clint 37/365

Good news! This is the first day in over a week I have not been walking around with gauze stuffed into my rear! It’s nice to be able to get comfortable again. 30 more words


Clint 36/365

A couple of signs here: a) Spring is here. b) I have a LOT of weeding and yard work to do very soon.


Clint 35/365

A slide from our day 2 conference keynote. The speaker says that this sign, which is hanging in just about every school in the country in one form or another, tells students "I do not trust you." Very true.