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Labour Day recs

Another smattering of this-and-that for this week’s recs.

Affinity by astrolat is an explicit Steve/Sam CATWS AU, wherein Steve meets Sam via an online matchmaking service, just before the various events of the movie take off. 197 more words

Clint 183/365

First day of the long Labor Day weekend (Woot!). Jean and I are getting geared up for our Fantasy Football draft. Clearly she is better prepared than I am. :)


Clint 182/365

Jean enjoying her Jersey Shore LBI (Long Beach Island) souvenir – it even has a bottle opener on the back!


Clint 181/365

Cheat. We visited this very cool marketplace in Philly a few days back, and I saw these… I’ve never seen chocolate lungs, kidneys and hearts before…


Clint 180/365

Working today at a performing arts charter school. They always put some very talented kids before my boring Internet safety presentations…


Clint 179/365

Back to work with the school year officially started. This was our best opening year meeting ever! We played a little game that I crushed everyone in and got to pick a couple of prizes!


Clint 178/365

Headed home. You may notice that we have a little more room between us this time. When we were checking in, we had the chance to upgrade to First Class, and I jumped at it. SO nice.