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VIDEO: MOVIES: REVIEW: Shutter Island (2010)

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PEOPLE: Directed by… Martin Scorsese ?!?! I never see his movies! I’ve only seen The Aviator and Gangs Of New York, and both barely held my interest, were rated 6/10 and 7/10 respectively, and were utterly un-rememberable for me. 1,273 more words


PICTURES: 2 new photos on my Flickr!

2 new photos uploaded just now (November 23, 2014 at 07:26PM).

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BadAss - What's the downside?

I was in a Nashville Honky Tonk a few months ago listening to a country western singer that had a pretty good sense of humor. When he started to include the audience in his act I started to get nervous. 397 more words


Clint 264/365

This is one of my favorite little coffee huts that is a convenient stop for me when I’m in St. George training before I head home. 65 more words


Clint 263/365

Red Canyon in Garfield County, Utah. Many tourists confuse this pretty little spot with Bryce Canyon National Park (which is down the road another 20 miles), take some photos, and head on down the road to Zion NP. 17 more words


Clint 262/365

Day 262 sunset. The bad news with this one is that I was still 2 hours from home when I shot this.


Clint 261/365

MANY jokes were volleyed about today about rubbing, braising and pulling my butt. I had to send this photo to many in my family for clarification. 6 more words