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Silk Blowout

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Clinton police searching for outlet thief

CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Clinton police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a shoplifter that got away with over a thousand dollars worth of clothing Wednesday afternoon. 145 more words


Politics of Fashion

As mentioned in “Don’t Cry For Me, Anglesey”  a recent report looked at the economic power to retailers behind Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama, among others.  993 more words

Unusual ambiguous error

In the following code ideone link, why does line (1) fail when line (4) compiles without issue:

data DataOrError a b = Error a | Data b deriving Show

apply f (Data x) (Data y) = Data (f x y)
apply f (Data x) y@(Error _) = y
apply f x@(Error _) _ = x

main = do
  print (apply (+) x1 x2) -- (1)
  print (apply (+) x1 e2) -- (2)
  print (apply (+) e1 x2) -- (3)
  print (apply (+) e1 e2) -- (4)
    x1 = Data (2 :: Int)
    x2 = Data (3 :: Int)
    e1 = Error ("First thing failed")
    e2 = Error ("Second thing failed")
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