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Politica USA: Obama solleva Hagel ed avvia il rimpasto di Governo

Il Presidente statunitense dimissiona il Segretario alla Difesa, ed elimina così l’ultimo esponente del ‘Team dei Rivali’ interno alla sua cerchia di fedeli nell’Amministrazione Presidenziale. Il sollevamento motivato anche dal bisogno di un cambiamento dopo la sconfitta nelle Elezioni di Mid-Term… 534 more words


Do clothes make the (wo)man? Let's choose substance over style.

I recently came across a post on Facebook that I thought was interesting. A male newscaster wore a particular blue suit for a whole year to see if viewers would notice. 515 more words


Could you stand her for 4 to 8 years?

Considering her long but very unremarkable political career I have to wonder about Hillary Clinton and ask why is it she believes the is entitled to be President of our great nation. 339 more words


The President, All Powerful or Just A Face To Blame?

Do you know what checks and balances are and how the power is controlled in the United States Government? Do you know how a bill gets proposed and the process in which it takes to be enacted and what steps it needs to go through in order to even reach the President’s desk? 1,030 more words



I hope no one considers this too much of a spoiler but if you watched “Homeland” last night then probably you are thinking about themes related to… 992 more words


A Year Ago (Ode to MC)

A Junior in high school, you send me an invitation

An institution not yet known to me

Your opening sentence meaning to provoke excitation

Read, “Why not come have fun and learn at MC?” 216 more words