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Dagens Danny

Her ved jeg simpelthen ikke, hvad det er Danske Bank prøver at fortælle mig..:



All Hallows Eve is my favourite time of year. I may not be American but it’s traditions are older than America. The thought of connecting and remembering past relatives is nostalgic. 13 more words


Dagens Danny

Wowser! Jeg får frit valg mellem Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sportsudgaven, og så en.. Apple Watch Edition? Watch Watch Edition??


Converting Animated Clipart to 3D

Animated GIF clipart images can often be an interesting addition to a webpage. What if the animation were also in 3d?

Here is an example: 110 more words

Get Graphic! Free Holiday PNGs

10.14_holiday PNGs, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Free Holiday PNG files. Found them on my hard drive from 2 Christmases ago. I believe they are from this font. 

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Dagens Danny

Ifølge WordPress’ amerikanske geografi-logik er Alaska på størrelse med Australien, samtidigt med at det udgør næsten 40% af de samlede forenede stater..