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Clipping path

Clipping path is used to outline an object from its background color. Most of the time an image is produced with background that may not useful to you to represent yourself or your products. 41 more words

Clipping Path

What is a clipping path

Clipping path is a process of isolating a specific image from a photograph. For example, if a picture has 5 different objects or persons in there, clipping path can be used to isolate a single object or person form that photograph. 214 more words

Signs you’ve fallen out of love

You won’t get into a relationship without knowing that it will last, will you?</p>
<p>The sad news though, is that you can fall out of love and for reasons that might not be within your grasp. 269 more words

Clipping Path

Romanian women marry Bangladeshis for money

Romanian women are seen marrying men from Bangladesh and some other countries in exchange of money.</p>
<p>They thus manage permissions for their men to travel to EU Member States without a visa. 133 more words

Clipping Path