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Café da manhã, breakfast, colazione

O café da manhã é minha refeição favorita (ok, é uma das 3 favoritas!). Sou do tipo que não sai de casa em jejum. Me atraso uns minutos, mas alguma coisa de manhã eu preciso comer. 97 more words


Blog Maintenance

I have written over 500 blog posts – three times.  What I mean is that on three different occasions I have surpassed 500 posts, but that is only because about once a year I perform what I call “blog maintenance.”  That is when I go through previous posts and look for things that: 1,298 more words


Expectations versus Reality

So, as some of you may know, the summer holidays are almost over, meaning it will soon be the start of the new school/college/university year. I, myself, will be attending Queen Mary University of London and because of my incessant television watching habit, I have cashed up quite a few expectations… strange, deluded expectations. 754 more words

Meeting The Enemy At The Gate: Who's Watching Your Back?

Ok, you guys. You cracked me up last night. Rebekkah insisted the title of my last post carry the obscenity because it sounded more like a war cry. 1,179 more words

Everything Else

Minhas listas e os vegetais estranhos

Eu tenho listas. Eu digo eu tenho, porque eu não somente as faço por fazer, mas eu realmente as possuo desde sempre. Algumas pessoas criam ou seguem métodos, outras vão fazendo as coisas como podem. 315 more words


Bad Boundaries: Sermon on Matthew 15:21-28 Year A, August 17, 2014

We love to give things labels to organize our world. Or at least I do. Organizing a closet, a drawer, my office, or anything gives me a sense of peace and control. 1,589 more words

Highschool: Which Clique Are You?

Dear Readers, 

Highschool is full of cliques, as you may well know. There are the drama geeks, the emos, the techies, the slackers, the jocks, the cheerleaders, and then there are the populars. 752 more words