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Photoshop Cook

Muita fofura esse vídeo em stopmotion que simula um tutorial em photoshop, mas o software e suas ferramentas estão representados por biscoitos, técnicas e utensílios de cozinha. Dá vontade de morder!


Escaping 'the Terror of the Rings': Christ, popularity and the draw of the inner circle.

While I was doing my Masters degree at Manchester there were some messages I heard that not only taught me something valuable, but contributed towards completely revamping my thinking. 4,887 more words


12 Dinosaurs And The Cliques To Which They'd Belong In High School

1. Regular Joe: Apatosaurus

Your typical middle-of-the-road good guy. He’s not the biggest sauropod (see Argentinosaurus) but he’s the respectable combination of nonaggressive vegetarian who is still big enough to defend himself. 1,195 more words

Defining the Undefinable

I’ve never really fit into a specific group or clique. Its always been difficult for me to be defined by others and even myself.  In school I just floated between groups of people or rather, individuals.   161 more words


So, as right of passage for most kids having finished their GCSE’s, summer starts with various parties during weekends.
And this weekend for me will be no different. 216 more words

Oh Cliques...

Cliques suck. But they continue to exist. Its a problem we face in grade school, middle school, high school, college, and beyond. It’s a never-ending cycle. 243 more words

Pop Culture

i'm over it

So, I know this isn’t exactly general bartender/restaurant related, but…

I have pretty much checked out of this job in my head.  It’s not a business.  180 more words

General Dislike