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Loner, anti-social, anti-establishment…

Evidently because I don’t participate in group activities at work, nor at school, I am to be thought of as a Loner, or as Anti-Social. 497 more words

Personal Thoughts

What do you worship?

We’re all the Rich young ruler. We’re all unwilling to give up that which is in our way of truly being alive.

What do we worship? 622 more words


April 17th: "A Friend In Need"

I’ve been thinking about what type of a friend I am to other people. Am I a bitch? Am I a helping hand? Am I useful? 402 more words

Páscoa 2014

Dias atrás eu postei em minha página no Facebook que ovos de Páscoa, chocolates e afins estavam me rondando enquanto ainda tenho estoque de panetone em casa. 313 more words


The Curious Case of the Cupcake

Beautiful. Colourful. Stylish. Popular. Delicious?

I’ve always had such a love/hate relationship with cupcakes.

I’m obsessed with the intricate designs adorning them – the endless beautiful possibilities that could only be created by those much more talented than myself. 227 more words

College Like High School?

I came to college expecting it to be a whole new world. All Disney puns intended. I thought it would be a place full of new ideas, new cultures, new experiences, and lets be honest, lots and lots of partying and doing goofy things with new friends! 354 more words