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wikipedia poem, no. 32 [film review]

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11th of October: International Day of the Girl Child

In case you haven’t heard, today is  International Day of the Girl Child and this year’s theme is Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence (As a side note, I fully support empowering adolescent girls – actually people of any gender and age – and ending the cycle of violence…I’m just not entirely convinced about the presentation of this theme as if empowering adolescent girls was THE one and only element necessary to end the cycle of violence. 182 more words

Let's Talk About SEX

Lately I’ve been blogging a bit about sex. Which is a bit of a worry. It normally isn’t my thing. Talking about it I mean. There is something wildly inappropriate about a middle-aged man, speaking of things that are best left said and done in private. 532 more words


God Made the Clitoris to Have it Scraped Off

Let me be adamantly and unequivocally clear.  African Muslims predominately, not African Christians, remove part of the female body via nonsurgical tools because God created women with a purposeful design that required the severing of part of that design for women to be virtuous in child-making, the very thing which most Muslims (and Christians in the bible belt) think women are designed to do. 51 more words


Anything Girls Can Do, Boys Can't Even Imagine

I got my first mammogram today. As I walked down the radiology hallway to the machine room, wearing a table skirt around my shoulders, armpits damp from wet wipe I used to clean off all my deodorant (note to self: Always schedule mammograms AFTER errands/work/anything that requires good hygiene) I had time to reflect on what its really like to be a woman. 696 more words


‘The G-spot is a myth’

Though the clitoris is the woman’s most erogenous area, researchers say that neither the vaginal orgasm or G-spot exist. According to findings published in the Clinical Anatomy journal the vestibular bulbs which are on either side of the vagina, and the pars intermedia which connects the vestibular bulbs are all stimulated along with the clitoris. 63 more words