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Why Isn't Women's Masturbation A Thing?

All throughout middle school, it’s a running joke between boys—whacking off, jerking off, playing pocket pool, southern comfort, spanking the monkey—the list goes on and on. 449 more words

Baggy labia?

Lips too long and hanging out (& down)?
That is one sizable labia!


6 Things About Genital Mutilation You Probably Didn't Know

TW: Genital mutilation, nonconsensual procedures, sexual control, rape, painful sex

1. In Egypt, 91% of (cisgender) women and girls ages 15-49 have undergone genital mutilation (FGM). 955 more words


Free the Clitoris

Free the Clitoris.

It was dead silent. We’d finished cleaning up the bar and I made a slight joke or reference, but I said the ‘C’ word, Clitoris. 503 more words