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Horny Shopping

I had to run and go to the supermarket, my friends were coming to have lunch. I arrived to the market and started to do the shopping. 439 more words


Happy Massage

I took my day off and decided to spend a relaxing day, go and have my manicure done and enjoy a deserve massage at the evening. 489 more words



There’s been recent Christian coverage of “Same Sex Attraction” (SSA) from various media outlets. All the articles that I have read share the stories of people who identify as same sex attracted and talk of their journeys to dealing with this. 573 more words

Improvised Sex Toy Guide Now Live!

Whilst it’s never been easier to get a hold of real sex toys due to the internet, nonetheless some people may be unable to either due to financial reasons, lack of access to a credit/debit card or PayPal funds or just a lack of privacy afforded by their current living situation. 138 more words


10 Unexpected Examples of Animal Genitalia

Evolution has provided us with a huge variety of animal genitalia to study. It turns out that while human sexuality is complex, it just doesn’t rise to the comparison with some members of the animal kingdom. 1,272 more words


tricked by boys

born an apple always
an apple and with
a dick is worse

the balls they scream
for ladies cream
they’ll tell you
it’s really a curse… 27 more words