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Music Promotion: The Fake Aunts

Flibbertigibbet occasionally tries to promote other comedic talent. To this end here is an advert for ‘The Fake Aunts’ latests comedy CD – downloadable via Amazon.com. 628 more words

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Fucking in the Sun

Tom and I took advantage of the bank holiday weekend (just a regular holiday for all of you readers abroad) and the glorious sun and headed out to the park for a sunbathe. 740 more words


SEX - The Famous G-Spot

I’ve been inspired by Sue Johanson, the S.E.X God! I took broadcasting in College and worked at a stag shop…


In order for a female to experience a G-spot orgasm she needs to be completely comfortable with her partner. 336 more words


A Mouthful…or a Throatful

Tom and I were relaxing in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We lay naked on the bed, bathing in the sun which was streaming through the windows. 840 more words


Tongue Touching *There*

Sexy Saying: “The moment his tongue touches your clitoris.”


Guess Who's coming to Dinner?

By this time tomorrow my best friend in the WHOLE WORLD, Mynxie, will be here. I’m so excited I can barely stand it! It shows, doesn’t it? 178 more words

Q: Are my tissues shrinking down there?

What you ask about specifically is your clitoris, which, along with other genital tissues, does typically shrink with the loss of estrogen—whether through menopause or some other medical event. 135 more words

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