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Sleep Erections: What's Up with Them?


Andrew Siegel, MD

** This is equally relevant for the ladies as well as the gentlemen! Women get sleep erections just as men do, although obviously not as dramatic. 441 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Find Your Clit and Get ON With It!!

Been to a sex toy party lately? I went to one last night and let me tell you it was kinda like watching the tigers during feeding time at the zoo. 262 more words


Wierd primitive customs and traditions

Wierd primitive customs and traditions

The Korowai Tribe in New Guinea –
This may be the most horrifying practice
from one of the tribes , but this practice is still more… 841 more words


Después de pasar la tormenta, solamente sobrevivieron tu clítoris, una sábana húmeda y mi imaginación.



The ancient art of ambrosia (female ejaculation) is a resurging mystery that intrigues more and more modern-day people. Esoteric traditions (Tantric and Taoist) and western science have many perspectives on this form of female sexual expression. 2,543 more words


Are You Getting Your Daily Dose Of Orgasm?

I want to talk about masturbation and how there are not enough women doing it.

It absolutely blows my mind when I hear women say, “I don’t like masturbating. 479 more words

Tibetan prayer wheels for clitoral stimulation.

Throughout history, there have been many documented instances of sacred Tibetan prayer wheels being used for clitoral stimulation. Entering an ecstatic state is often the goal of those who utilize ritual religious objects. 75 more words