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Halloween Countdown: Halloween Eve

You all HAVE to get down to the library and help me read all these scary books I put out on display.  Otherwise they’ll just go to waste, sitting there unread. 101 more words

Halloween Countdown

"The Hellbound Heart" by Clive Barker

Before the Hellraiser movie series, The Hellbound Heart was the novella (not full novel) that started it all. Released in 1986, the story is a horror masterpiece that combines the lesson of… 718 more words


Darke Reviews - Nightbreed (1990)

This is another by request review to fill out the month and one of the more schlocky films in this months set of reviews. First let me say I am going to be reviewing the newly released (as in today) directors cut of the film. 1,302 more words


The worst kind of adaptation. (Hellraiser: Revelations.)

(Please note. I chopped this article together quickly. Partly because I wanted to have something out that could be vaguely defined as Halloween-themed. But it also fits with the slapdash and hurried nature of the subject matter.) 1,995 more words


Try To Make It Through 16,000 Square Feet Of The Slaughter House

Now through November 1st on Elm Street, you can experience the Slaughter House — 16,000 square feet of PURE TERROR!

While you’re in downtown Dallas… 152 more words


a paragraph on HELLRAISER


Where viewed: Netflix, laptop, bed.
Experience with Movie: First time seeing it, but the image of the “Pinhead” character is imprinted in my childhood psyche from seeing the VHS box at video stores. 408 more words


Review: Anne Bobby's Disposophobia

All of the world’s a stage. Or at least, you’ll hope it is after witnessing Anne Bobby’s multi-hyphenate take on Disposophobia: Fear of Being Disposed Of… 258 more words