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I Just Had To

My cousin is married to a diehard Ferrari nut. Clive loves God, loves his wife, loves his kids and loves Ferrari – I think that is the order. 806 more words

A Journey of Introversion

The creation of this journal is attributed to the characteristics this particular medium of writing provides. First, it is a free publication with the potentiality for a high volume of viewers. 182 more words


Basic Correlation

I want to find the correlation between two signals x1 and x2.

x1 = 
x2 = 
r1 = xcorr(x1,x2) //function in matlab to find cross correlation of x1 and x2
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My mother once wrote, during a discussion about relationships and my marriage, “It’s a huge boon to have something like “kindness” in a relationship. You have that between you; it is valuable, and not soooo common. 3,054 more words


Norwich Residence by Clive Wilkinson Architects

Norwich Residence is a project completed by Clive Wilkinson Architects.
Completed in 2007, this 3,300 square foot modern home is located in West Hollywood, California, USA. 16 more words

What is the appropriate HTTP request to get a random resource and reduce player's money?

I have a API to allow players to “explore” a region, which randomly returns a resource. Such action would cost some game currency, so the player information is updated as a result. 107 more words

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