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Silence is Silver


Silence is silver,

Gold is too brash

As the sound of cymbals

Will clash in the silvery

Silence of the moon,

And soon you will hear… 29 more words

Rapid Cloaker Rebrandable Software Review

Picture yourself scrolling through one of those “Giveaway events”. You know the ones? – where people are looking to attract you to subscribe by offering a cool freebie. 20 more words

Cops Go Undercover As Amish To Try And Nab Flasher

PULASKI TOWNSHIP (KDKA/AP) — A male police officer spent much of December and January dressed as an Amish woman in hopes of scaring off a man suspected of exposing himself to Amish children in Lawrence County. 498 more words


Samuel 21-25

David fled away from Saul with his men who tried to kill him and Saul pursued after him with his men. David eventually reached a cave and went inside with his small group of men, which ironically Saul went inside of to relieve himself. 94 more words

Jesus' Rock Song

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Jesus has entered into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey announcing his messiahship in the heart of where God’s people are gathered. 1,098 more words


An App to Avoid the Unwelcome on Your List

Cloak is the antisocial-media app: It combs your Instagram and Foursquare feeds (and any day now, those of Twitter and Facebook) so you can avoid undesirable people. 6 more words

Getting my confidence back :) #Akatsuki #Naruto

I am really enjoying my sewing :) I feel so much more confident than I did a year ago. I used to have so many problems with commercial patterns…after measuring and cutting the suggested size it would NEVER fit! 328 more words