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Warrior Lu

My little sister wanted to know what she’d look like in a fantasy story book.
Her heads a bit out of proportion, but I still wouldn’t mess with her.

Sewing Project: Fellowship Cloak

PROJECT: A cloak similar to the ones worn by the fellowship of the ring in the Lord of the Rings movies

TIME: 1 day

MATERIALS:  392 more words

American Girl

Why Mining Barges Should Have a Utility High Slot

I haven’t posted much this past week. I point you to reasons I discuss in this previous post about time management. Real life matters and in-game preoccupation have left me with little time to blog recently. 1,357 more words


Stony Heart

Shed the stony layers
Of your heart

Find the cloaked shards
That uphold its frame

Admit your vigilant faults
To find yourself

Smelt the capricious fragments… 21 more words

Happy Day

What made today happy? Well, certainly not the lack of pain. My teeth continue to really give me grief, and I only have one more day of antibiotics to take. 93 more words

Gathering the Threads

A lot has happened since May, when last my words tread their path across this digital stage.  For the past eight summers I’ve been badly busy, trapped in a raging maelstrom of grandiose proportions, but that’s over now and I get to look forward to a quiet, less chaotic, contemplative time. 222 more words