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A Chandelier-Swinging Fighter

Terrance Reginald Chamberlain with his obsidian rapier and chandelier-swinging tendencies.


Star trek galatic cold war

In a paralel universe where sureks philosophy never took root on vulcan. One war lord united vulcan and created an empire. The empire became a scurge of the universe. 376 more words

Star Trek

Roses in December

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a celebration especially dear to those who claim their heritage as natives of Mexico and, by extension, all Native Americans and native peoples everywhere. 246 more words

The Closet - When We First Met

There is something in my closet. I hear the door creak open every night while I’m in bed. Soon I hear heavy footsteps stalking towards my bed. 343 more words


Crusade Cape-rs

Another day, another panicked costume attempt from BizMum for SuperSpawn’s many dress up days at nursery. This one, International Children’s Day, called for your child to dress in an outfit symbolising his heritage and nationality. 311 more words

Tranquility cloak

With these fingers, I release you.

Release all of your worries and self-doubts into the sea of wallowing tranquility.

With these palms I anchor you to my chest as we exhale our sorrows and ease into rest. 86 more words


Star trek kepler part five

“Captains log our observation of the space born life forms had yielded another unexplained event. Some one is aware of these cretures and seams to be stalking them. 568 more words

Star Trek