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Fashion in Ancient Greece

Fashion in ancient Greece was basically DIY, they used a rectangular piece of cloth as a garment, blanket, or a shroud. The cloth used as garments were specially handspun at home, and the cloth which was used mostly was wool which is a little ironic because the weather in Greece back then was burning hot. 295 more words

Views, Thoughts And Opinons

Garbage Day

It’s amazing what you can find if you’re willing to look through someone else’s trash.

I mean, there’s the usual stuff – onion skin, coffee filters, plastic wrapping from shrink-wrapped packages.   410 more words

Drawtober Day Something: Intergalactic Bartender

I haven’t been keeping up with Drawtober lately, but I have been doing other things! (More pictures to come when those things are complete). But I did manage to get one in the other day- the prompt was Intergalactic Barista or Bartender. 6 more words


Future Soldier - Documentary: Cloak of Invisibility, Weapons of the future

Documentary on new technologies being developed for the military to provide more effective armor and weapons as well as stronger soldiers. Exoskeleton, cloak…
by Internet Archive Book Images… 15 more words



If I left you now, what would you miss?
Grumpy mornings, silent evenings
And taken-for-granted pause between the emptiness;
And hidden behind the tall tales, adultery; 100 more words


Jack the "Mini" Ripper

A miniature collection of a knife wielding Jack the Ripper complete with cloak and top hat, 4 brutally murdered disembowelled corpses  and the next prostitute victim. 20 more words


The Dresden Well

When wondering in dreams
And humming the songs of silent nightingale hymns
The poppy seeds of my grandmother’s garden
fill my pockets and my thoughts of bloom… 159 more words