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Invisibility Chip

The science of stealth has long been a matter of fading into already obscure environments—the night sky, say, or the deep sea. But engineers are now developing materials that could… 213 more words

Cloaking: Science Meets Science Fiction

Event date: July 9, 2012. From Greek mythology to modern science fiction, humans have been fascinated by the idea of invisibility for millennia. However, can we actually make objects invisible? 34 more words


3D-Printed Cloaking Devices. Yes Really. - 3D Printing Videos at The 3D Printing Channel

3D-printing has already made some serious headway in the world of material science. Some of the newest most intriguing materials are ones which are designed with properties that are not found in nature, also called metamaterials. 33 more words

Facebook ET Humour: Welcome Problem to Have

Boy, are we going to have fun with our new technologies! Where’s my replicator?!

Closer To Home

Why Cloaking is considered a bad experience in Google

Cloaking is a very negative aspect of Google and lot of people has little idea about it. Let’s see what Cloaking is, how Google defines it, how it is a high risk etc. 276 more words

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