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Unlike a clock, the days in our life will not stop ticking due to a battery running out. Only spend time on things that matter.


Quote for Today: Susanna Clarke

Time and I have quarrelled. All hours are midnight now. I had a clock and a watch, but I destroyed them both. I could not bear the way they mocked me. 15 more words

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How to make a wooden digital clock

Find more info and the parts you need for this build at http://www.iliketomakestuff.com/wooden-digital-clock/ Want to support ILTMS? There are lots of ways ….
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Lotscher Swiss Musical Cuckoo Clock with Dancers 2 Tunes

Lötscher Musical Cuckoo Clock with Dancers The only genuine Swiss Cuckoo Clock in the World Model 765M *Cuckoos on the half hour once and on the hour countin… 18 more words

The clock that won't tick straight

They say it’s not a disease,
like the ever present dysfunction of white cells marching through tunnels
more a condition, an outside infestation
Created by selfish impulse, opening up to the armies within your time bomb skin… 238 more words

Dottie the Flip Dot Clock

What is it that we like so much about inefficient, noisy clocks made with inappropriate technology? Answer the question for yourself by watching the video (below) that sent us of… 159 more words

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