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Marketplace: Get a grip on time with these clocks

While the Christmas season has been upon us for weeks now, perhaps you haven’t yet given much thought to the new year, just one week later. 480 more words


Teaching Time - Clocks and O’clock

Teaching Time – Clocks and O’clock

Objective:  Teach children to understand O’clock times.


·      Make word cards for the words “Time”, “O’clock”, and “Clock”. 260 more words



I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard quiet. I’m talking absolute quiet.

Right now I’m sitting in my kitchen. My wife is asleep. My boys are asleep. 309 more words

Olli Johnson announces a January exhibition at Landmark Center

Seward artist Rachel (Olli) Johnson just announced, “I have teamed up with two incredible artists, Cecilia Schiller (woodworker and automata artist) and Susan Wood (clock maker).   71 more words


Persistence in Time 2

The piece was a success. After 12 hours of painting, on Wednesday the 22nd October, 2014, I finally relaxed, put down my paintbrush and then ran to the toilet as my bladder had been screaming at me for the best part of 3 hours. 202 more words


Clocks of Yorkville, and then some more.....Part 2 - December 15, 2014

This the second set of Clocks of Yorkville, and then some more. This could go on a bit because I originally planned on two parts but now we are going to have three Clocks of Yorkville because some of the vintage pictures that I am finding have a clock. 86 more words


End-of-Term Reflection

I decided to re-read a couple of sections from within Killer of Enemies by Joseph Bruchac. As before, the connections between the readings done on post colonialism still stand out to me. 318 more words