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Tic Toc Goes the Clock

I may have a new fascination with clocks.

The weird thing is that time doesn’t seem to matter when you get old. Yet, it seems vitally important. 609 more words


A Beautiful World

Never been a world traveler, working on that. Just get in the car and drive some place that sounds cool, live out of my pack for a few days  Bad Lands, that sounds cool, 25 more words

About time - Clocks for your home

When we think of decorating our walls, we don’t always think outside the box of artwork. Sculptures, Clocks and Wallpapers are all other options that can look equally as or better than prints or artworks. 223 more words



This week I have realised how much I love my sleep. I have been super tired for no reason whatsoever (apart from perhaps the 5.30am boot camp wake up call). 258 more words

October 2014

(Lovely) Word of the Day: Chro·no·men·tro·phil·i·a

noun →  the love of clocks.

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“Fill your mind with lovely things”
<three rivers deep>

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Of DOP in Defence Colony

In June 2011, I shifted into a one room apartment in Defence Colony, New Delhi. Initially everything seemed fine. One day a friend of mine came to stay with me in this tiny apartment as she didn’t have any place to stay. 1,257 more words