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i am never sure
if it’s the clock’s tick i hear
or my heart’s own beat

Spilled Ink

Tempting Timepieces

When it comes to adding decor elements to your home that are both stylish AND functional or adding an accent to your outfit that looks chic while also helping you get through the day, we look to the timepiece. 44 more words


A few of my favorite things!

I’m getting old. Or crafty. I am into things like clocks, waves, hearts, trees, leaves, and a little more than a skosh of surrealism to keep us all thinking in the abstract. 214 more words

The Fortune Cookie For: Nov. 21st, 2014

Thanks for stopping by Humorous Interludes.

From time to time I will share the “fortune” I find in a fortune cookie I just opened.

I received a large box of them after winning a life changing “contest” I described in this blog on November 4, 2014. 64 more words


Time Ticks Fast and it Ticks Slow

I want those of you who have never truly indulged yourself in the beach, to sit down and listen up.

I go to school four hours away from my home roots, in the middle of nowhere, bitter cold, farmland.   394 more words

An introduction to Steampunk

A combination of futuristic technology with the mechanics of the victorian steam age= steampunk! If you’ve never heard of it then you’ve been missing out! People make jewellery, bags, goggles, costumes, and even more using found items and of course mechanical watch parts! 11 more words