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How to Reduce Radiation Exposure

Limit daily exposure to non ionizing radiation.

It can’t hurt, because no one knows the long-term effects of this type of exposure. Some tips:

  • Wear a wired headset for cell phones, or talk on a land line or speaker phone as much as possible in order to keep your cell phone away from your head.
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New Music: Clockwise

Synth pop featuring a blast from the (pop) blast. Check out here.


Holly Valance makes music comeback on new Clockwise track 'Hopeless':

It’s been eleven years since Holly Valance last troubled the music charts with her hugely underrated sophomore set State of Mind, but yesterday the actress confirmed that she had recently returned to the studio to guest on a new song from LA-based Aussie songwriter and musician Clockwise. 239 more words

New Music

KROQ Locals Only Presents Clockwise EP Release Party At The Troubadour

KROQ Locals Only Presents Clockwise EP Release Party, Dancing World EP, at the Troubadour Tuesday, July 15th with Mosco Rosco and Basic Vacation. 50 more words


A Chiral Tessellation

In this chiral tessellation, the blue triangles and green hexagons are regular. The yellow hexagons are “Golden Hexagons,” which are what you get if you reflect a regular pentagon over one of its own diagonals, then unify the two reflections. 121 more words