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November is filling up fast!

Do you have your gutters scheduled for cleaning?

Consider for a moment, the amount of impervious surface area your roof has, that is a whole lot of water run off.  50 more words

Making a better espresso with a home machine

You may be like me, where you’ve gotten a start of the line home espresso machine, and you can’t seem to use it to make an espresso (at all) similar to what you might get at a reputable shop. 1,003 more words

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WARNING: My First And Last Whiney Expat Post


verb \ˈhwīn, ˈwīn\

: to complain in an annoying way

: to make a high, crying sound

: to make a high and unpleasant sound that continues for a long time… 943 more words

Back-up Plan

WARNING: Due to the graphic nature of this blog post, those who are offended by fart jokes and the following words – toilet, sewage, poo, or crap – should not continue reading. 379 more words


Gross bathroom sink

I should’ve taken a picture but the plumber took the pipe out and a whole glob of hair — my sister’s, no doubt — a toothbrush, and the lower half of her retainer, among other disgusting debris, came out. 6 more words

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