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A Victorian Christmas

From the frosted winding garden paths you could hear the faint echo of the handbell choir and their sing-a-long audience in the hall foyer.

Belgrave Hall’s traditional Victorian Christmas was magical, transporting us back in time. 171 more words

Museum/Gallery Review

A Love Poem For No One In Particular

I have cried so many tears for you
Unseen, of course
Stalking on social media
Stepping into your life
Without being there.

We almost had it good… 95 more words


Evolution at its best??

I traded in the Chucks for Clogs. Now, I’ve traded in the clogs for heels. I wonder if I can grill in these things?

The Clog mystery revealed

Not much of a mystery really.

They’re shoes, they’re made of wood, you can walk on them and the Dutch call them ‘klompen’.

The end. 480 more words


Biodiversity challenge - Shoebill

Bigmouth strikes again

Blast from the prehistoric past,
Ugly sister who swallowed the slipper.
Feather-clad freak with a murderous beak,
Mighty mouth munching your lungfish booty.

26 more words

Who hates a clogged drain?!

Here are some tips to prevent and clear a troublesome case of drain clog:

Prevent them

Prevent clogs in the kitchen sink: catch all food from falling down the sink; remove all kitchen waste from sink; do not pour coffee grinds down the sink; and do not pour grease down the sink; for bathroom sink: do not wash hair down the sink. 171 more words

Home Life

The Chinese Toilet Fiasco and Repair of Fall 2014 – Part 2

 I know, I know -- I'm a lazy git and have waited far too long between the parts of this story.

Where was I?

OH, right -- repair. 570 more words