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Cloning: Reimage Fails To Load

I have not been keeping myself abreast on the development of the low-level side of the PC, namely the firmware and hard disk partitioning until I find myself facing a wall.  297 more words


How to shrink a Windows harddisk and migrate to SSD

I have been switching a lot of people from HDD (hard disk drives: spinning, magnetic disks) to SSD (solid state disk: silicon/flash-based) recently. It can breathe new life into an old PC/laptop, the HDD is almost invariably the slowest part of the system. 637 more words


Clonezilla Still Sucks (beating a dead horse here)

Today I was discussing with a colleague of mine how I still get poorly written and inarticulate hatemail for asserting that Clonezilla is a Joke – and a bad one at that… 338 more words

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