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Missing the Bus

Close call gif showing a reporter nearly missing an approaching bus.

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Watch As Chaos Ensues Following A Horrible Crash At The Dakar Rally

For those who may not have heard, there was a horrible crash at the Dakar Rally this weekend. The El Martillo racing entry had to quit the rally after a nasty, end-over-end crash in the stage-7 section of the race. 164 more words


A Guy Filmed Himself Almost Getting Crushed By An Out-Of-Control 18 Wheeler On An Icy Highway

A man was sitting in traffic in New Jersey, blocked by two trucks on the turnpike. He decided to take a picture of the two trucks (most likely to post to social media later and complain, like most of us would) when he heard a noise behind him. 90 more words

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Turning 90 degrees to the Southerlies, my heading was west.  I thought I saw a beach on the Yarrabah side of the peninsula west of Rocky Island.   638 more words


Hippo Chases Behind Speed Boat in Frightening Moment

ABC News, Jan 2015

The hippo emerged from the water feet away from the boat during an African river tour.

Time: 00:39


Asteroid Ahead!

Heads up !

January 26-27 the asteroid BL86 will zoom past Earth at three times the distance of the moon. This means break out your telescopes kids this should be a show ! 61 more words

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