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My Guardian Angel Must Have Been In The Passenger Seat

I had a very frightening experience last night, Modern Philosophers, and I was too freaked out to talk about until now.

It snowed overnight, so when I woke up yesterday, a couple of inches of the white stuff blanketed the neighborhood. 920 more words


Could you imagine?!

this past week i sent out our christmas cards.  i also did my pregnancy scrapbook for the first 20 weeks.

i did these things on the same day, at the same work desk. 156 more words

BaseJump Almost Goes Really Bad...Slips On Ice On Exit

That was really scary.  Maybe he would have been better off in golf spikes?


On Monday 8th, I went for my third infusion of Tysabri – the latest treatment of choice for the MS. Unfortunately, my body didn’t like the idea and I had quite a reaction to the drug! 43 more words


Tails From The Trail - One


Wow – what was that??  Kali and I walked on in relative peace having done a very good job of avoiding what could have been a confrontation.

929 more words
Dog Training

Blue skies fade with the tumultuous clouds
Raining down the tears of many with doubts of time
Moving with bright eyed intentions through towns
Cities and troubled eyes through bitter life… 77 more words


Nearer, My God, to Thee...my hymn to the close call

My son called to tell me, “So….don’t worry.  Everything is OK now but the tortoise is going to need a new cage.”

When asked to elaborate, he explained that he went to my place after work.   399 more words