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Reverse Graffiti

Have you ever written your name on a fogged up window, or “wash me” on a dirty car? If so, you are a reverse graffiti artist! 465 more words

Critical Thinking

Three Ways to Teach Etched In Clay by Andrea Cheng

Jill Eisenberg, our Resident Literacy Expert, began her career teaching English as a Foreign Language to second through sixth graders in Yilan, Taiwan as a Fulbright Fellow. 873 more words

African/African American Interest

The Watchful Eyes: A Close Reading of One Paragraph from The Great Gatsby

This passage is introducing not necessarily a character but rather a billboard overlooking the Valley of Ashes. The watchful eyes of the billboard become personified by being referred to as him, they become the Eyes of Doctor T. 1,277 more words


An (ex)Actors Guide to Critical Reading and Writing

                Many moons ago, when I began my collegiate career, I was going to be a thespian. I spent my days pouring through the nuances of a script, charting the exact process of what my character was thinking, and what the meaning was for every word and action I would execute onstage. 720 more words

Close Reading

I'll Be A Good Boy

In this post I’d like to discuss the scene in The Basketball Diaries where Jim Carrol (Leonardo DiCaprio) visits his mother after he falls victim to heroine. 352 more words

Close Reading

Where In The World: How One Class Used Google Maps to Explore the Vanishing Cultures Series

Throughout April, we are exploring how Jan Reynolds’ Vanishing Cultures series can be used in the classroom to teach about the environment, geo-literacy, global citizenship, and nonfiction. 1,047 more words


Testimonial from Janet Oakley

Andrew Shattuck McBride has been my editor since his work on my historical novel, Tree Soldier, starting in 2010. Published in 2011, Tree Soldier… 131 more words

Notes On The Literary Life