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National 5 RUAE

Here’s the PowerPoint for RUAE that we were using in class. You can read through the notes and do the extra questions as practice for your test on Thursday. 8 more words

Close Reading

Alam sebagai Representasi Kehidupan dan Kematian: Fatalisme dalam “Sajak Ulang Tahun”

Dunia kata adalah dunia simbol. Dalam rangka berkomunikasi, kata digunakan sebagai isyarat untuk mewakili entitas yang dimaksudkan penutur agar dimengerti oleh mitra tutur tanpa harus bersusah-payah menyajikan entitas yang nyata. 514 more words

Kritik Sastra

"Possibly Really Clever Idea"

That’s what I’ve been calling the project I’ve been working on for most of the year. It has finally codified in a first conference paper — which I was actually unable to deliver due to ill health — but which I’m going to turn into a post here. 3,043 more words

Close Reading

Reading film: what can light tell us about a character?

As part of the ‘Introduction to Cinema’ module I’m studying at university, we had to do a close-reading of a film, looking at how a particular cinematic technique, or stylistic element conveyed meaning and the central narrative. 657 more words

English Literature

Session 2 Materials from Literacy Unit Project

Teachers in grade 3rd through 5th gathered for the second session of the Literacy Unit Project. The aim of this endeavor is to have two to four units, matched to Enduring Understandings that stretch across all three grades, by the spring of 2015. 123 more words

Common Core

Intense and Intentional

My mantra for the 2014-2015: Be intense and intentional about raising the reading level of every child.

In this age of educational over-complication, driven by test scores and wonky teacher evaluation tools, when you are told to teach close reading strategies to six year olds and develop lessons around structured, academic argumentation in kindergarten, the smartest thing any one of us can do is lift up our child’s reading ability. 581 more words

The Shadows of Lolita

“Between the age limits of nine and fourteen there occur maidens who, to certain bewitched travelers, twice or many times older than they, reveal their true nature which is not human, but nymphic,” explains Humbert Humbert, narrator of Nabokov’s posthumous novel Lolita.  1,262 more words