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The Treasure of LOVE

Treasures In The Garden

Keeping loved ones always in our hearts and minds………  

Those we love

don’t go away…

they walk beside us every day……. 31 more words

Treasures Of The Heart And Soul

New Beginnings with Old Friends

I’m just sitting at my computer relaxing listening to Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. <== Click for an array of wonderful sounds to fill your ears. 1,408 more words

Everyday Rambles

Hello, Caller Are You There? He Wants to Hear From You.

Have you ever received some really great news and immediately wanted to share it with a friend? After telling them something super important to you, a closer bond seemed to form. 229 more words

Close "clear-air" lightning bolt! - Darwin Australia (Video)

 “This massive clear air bolt (cloud-to-ground lightning bolt) hit about 200-250m away from our location. Here in Darwin, Australia these bolts can leap 15-20km away from the main storm striking a dry area surrounding the storm. 17 more words


You never count your money when your sitting at the table.

This is an old western song about gambling. The finish to this is, “There will be time enough for counting when the dealin’s done.” This brings up a good point of when to count (take) the prospect’s “money.” 229 more words