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Family is Malleable

I’ve realized, as i’ve grown up, that the cliche “you can’t choose your family” holds some truth. There is, however, a flip-side to this statement. Although you cannot remove anyone from your family tree, there are some people who come into your life who become family. 313 more words

UP CLOSE by Welmer Keesmaat

Up close by Welmer Keesmaat.
“Up Close examines how I have made contact with other people, with my surroundings, with objects and with myself. The images are the result of an intuitive process, produced at moments when, for me, contact is very close – or very far away.” 23 more words


We are dancing
Slow, close
Our noses, less than an inch apart
Both of us want
To lean in
Just a little closer
To kiss… 28 more words


Rewind - July 6, 2014

No matter how many times I rewind the tape and play it again, it doesn’t put your voice there. I keep trying so hard to block out all the other sounds in case there’s a chance you said something, anything to help me remember. 125 more words

Algeria: an armed group was close to the crash site

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria, Ramtane Lamamra told a news conference Friday that one of the armed movements were near the crash site in northern Mali, Algerian Lamamra said “the first piece of information received about the projection of the plane was an armed group.” And pre-empted LAMAMRA “guesses” the media, urging them to exercise restraint and wait for the investigations and not to indulge in speculation and misinformation, so as not to affect the literature on the families of the victims and the “truth”, he said. 79 more words

Without Less day sixty-four

If I do not make mistakes I will balance at the Close. I did balance yesterday friday. I was so happy to see printout from the register Drawer Total = my numbers  and printout from First Data credit card machine = my numbers. 140 more words


GNLD Review - Looking to Strike it Rich?

You may need to look further. Because in this GNLD review we take a close, hard look at what it really takes to build a profitable network marketing mlm…