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Essential Lens Kit For Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ60 DMCFZ60K

Photography enthusiasts often make the transition from ‘point-and-shoot’ to DSLR, but then they stop right there because moving onwards requires an understanding of lenses. So, here we will help you understand the… 339 more words


That's a wrap!

In sales you never leave thing up in the air.

It is very important that you are next step centered. That means when you are wrapping things up with your prospect always close with a firm time to call back. 79 more words


If it is not me then it must be "you".

When handling objections and your getting beat up. Don’t stay on the ropes but “turn it around.”

I have noticed that even if something is a great purchase for the prospect (nothing in life is perfect) if the prospect focuses on the negitives long enough they are not going to buy. 236 more words


great works to do

cults, salvation is

ours through the redemption of

others.  hold them close

Yoga And Addiction

Photo A Day Week 3

Morning All!

Here’s week three of my photo a day, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I missed one day this week but it’s the first day I’ve missed this month! 33 more words


Cute goats

Spring is here. And that means everywhere animals are born, for example these two sweet little goats on the children’s farm. They stay together all the time and they’re fun to watch!