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Intimacy Not Outimacy


The word intimacy provokes a thousand thoughts.

The idea of skin on skin contact.

The idea of bodies moving with carnal intent.

Being close, too close, closer than you get with most people. 190 more words

Poker Face - You Don't Know My Mind


Poker is the game for no words, you can not let people know your true cards in your hands from your face and expressions. That is cool and necessary, but how can I expect you not to do this to me in real life. 345 more words


A Coin With Two Heads

It is quite honestly disagreeable,
I am jealous of you it is undeniable.
Jealous of your charisma and charm
And of your family loving and warm. 148 more words

Gender Neutral Love Poems

Your Princess

At first I crumbled;

The very thing I had asked for

Now my thorn.

I longed for you to find your princess

But I didn’t want to lose my brother - 97 more words


The general trajectories of our lives are dictated by chance meeting actions we perform. These actions are guided by personality, which was originally created by our environment and influenced by us to what it is today. 541 more words


Day 20, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets - Renaissance Camp

July 20th – Camping is an escape, but it could be a chore as well. It’s time to re-invent the experience. Pick the one place where you wouldn’t mind setting up “camp”. 40 more words

Object Permanence in the Dark

You turned the light back on -
But do not doubt that I knew of you before. 
Even when the shadows had dissipated,
When the lights from screens were gone. 91 more words