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To Flirt Or To Fuck?

When I was asked to present at the event, Master the F Word: Flirting, my first thought was “What do I do when I flirt with someone?” The answer was simple: I imagine myself fucking them. 627 more words


Grime Between

That grin reminded of me of adventure. It spilled into the face torn, the watered eyes, the broken nose, as the skin shivered from the touch of the breeze. 388 more words

Short Story

It's been a while/es ist lange her!


Geborgenheit is a german word that I deeply liked the moment I heard it 18 years ago upon moving to Germany (to try it out for a year).  336 more words


Hand in Hand

I met an elderly couple walking
Hand in hand quietly talking.
They had been together forty years
Through times of joy and times of tears… 143 more words

Gender Neutral Love Poems

Let The Bells Be Tolled

You kissed me at the cafe’ this morning
Before you sipped your hot coffee.
You gave me not a moments warning.
You seemed quite oblivious to me. 84 more words

Gender Neutral Love Poems

My Friend

It is so forlorn to say goodbye
To a friend well nurtured who satisfies
The quintessential definition of friend.
All good friendships too soon must end. 86 more words

Gender Neutral Love Poems