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Burnt by extrinsic fires. Pt 3.

I had the pleasure of her company and friendship for 3 months before she left for home. I still had another 3 months left there and I knew that, despite us never being physically close or even discussing how we felt, that I would miss her. 168 more words


Why wait? It's all about the bonding...

You know how we already talked about the bonding that happens when two people have sex? About how one of the primary purposes of sex is to create a strong and lasting BOND? 887 more words



I think that I am ready to be in a relationship again. I’ve been feeling all sorts of attraction to different people, and I miss that closeness that you get with someone else. 151 more words

Silk and Silhouettes

Tell me

show me

everything I need to know.

Let me explore you,

every aspect of your being.

Your pure



Your supple,

nimble frame. 78 more words


The wisdom of gaming

I think most parents would accept that it is important for children to have time to play. In fact, many of us think that it is great for children to have lots of time to play. 2,697 more words

[14 October 2014] God's Message - Intimacy

God‘s message to All:

I am connected with all creatures intimately.

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God's Messages

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good. – Helen Keller