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I wanna scribble words, no matter how difficult their realization in me is.

Writing draws out this vulnerability in me. It’s like my walls come down. 163 more words


No Prescription Necessary

Although I’ve been here for nearly two months, most of my friends still crack jokes about the “work” I’m doing (or lack thereof). They affectionately laugh at how when I cry my eyes out on my last day, the patients will have no clue who I am or how long I’ve been with them. 681 more words



One of my pet peeves is the misuse of words, and probably the word I hear misused the most, at least in my life and circle of associates, is ‘ambivalence’.   341 more words


About Ending Relationships

Breaking up.

This is never easy, no matter the circumstance.

In my opinion, there are many relationships to be found. The intimate one found between yourself and your significant other, lets call them SO. 403 more words


Chasing Tails

Humanity is like a dog chasing his tail.
Once we get what we want,
we become bored and start the chase all over again.
And no one seems to mind, 230 more words


‘If there’s someone you absolutely miss, you might find yourself talking to them a lot in your mind, creating those fake conversations with them and you answer yourself in their voice in your head. 60 more words

On Being Haunted

If you grew up in Chicago, you learned of John Wayne Gacy as routinely as you did how to dress in layers during the winter. When I first heard of him he was alive, though jailed, mewed like a bird, and waiting to die. 753 more words