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Sometimes...It's A Dance...

Don’t be afraid to let go. Don’t be afraid to reach out when you don’t see the whole picture. Don’t be afraid when what you’re being told to do makes very little sense to you. 593 more words

For The Y's


This first recording is My way of teaching you how to sense a woman’s energy and vibration during precious, intimate times, instead of going straight for the orgasmic thrills. 193 more words

Updates On Mp3s

Day #111 project Grateful365:

Day #111 project Grateful365:

Closeness/personal space: I was talking with two dear friends today and they both remarked how I’m doing better on this front but…still have work to do. 105 more words


Breathe Again

Like a jonesing lover,
I crave your touch,
Why right now,
Why do I feel this,
Trying to fight,
What the nucleus needs,
Being at the mercy of… 237 more words


To |Be| close

Connection is everything. It is essential to this journey called life. We may not move through our worlds with this thought or even this feeling, but it is true. 368 more words



I miss skin.

Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely have skin, it is completely attached to my whole body, and all of that is awesome. 203 more words

Attack Of The Spaz

Cuddle up and stay close

Couples who cuddle up in bed are more likely to have a good relationship.

That’s according to Professor Richard Wiseman and his team of psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire who studied the sleeping habits of 1,000 people. 161 more words