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EMix! Radio New Music for July 23, 2014

New tracks today from:  modulator.demodulator, Shura, Florian Bery, Closer, Golden Coast, Marsheaux and Banks.

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Closer: New Yorkers

New York is my absolute favorite place. Today, my pictures are a bit closer, a bit more personal than usual. Im not the type of girl who loves to shop for hours on end. 151 more words


What if I already have a sales person working for me?

Many clients have utilized someone at least part time to help them with sales. We will discuss with you how you envision the ideal scenario of incorporating them into the new sales funnel. 81 more words


A Quote Of Mine

“Every battle I win in my mind moves me that much closer to God”



Arrest me with your eyes
Silence me with your lips
Run your fingers along my thighs
But let me know if you’re playing for keeps. 31 more words