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"Shabby Chic" to Midcentury Modern (kinda)

OK, so I have detailed how dealing with a 1950s closet-less house has been a challenge. It actually may have had closets at one time, but has been turned into everything from a residence to a vintage clothing store, to a biker gang hangout to a real estate office and back to a residence. 510 more words


Stepping Outside the Box - Epica 18-Loop Chrome Scarf Hanger Review!

Okay guys, I know that this is a BEAUTY review blog, so I usually focus on skincare and cosmetics; however, there is more to beauty!  For example, I want to keep my closet beautiful too…clutter is my enemy!   212 more words

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5 Apartment Hacks to Save Space and Organize Your Home

Living in an apartment, sometimes it can be hard to find the right organizational tools to help your space feel nice and big. Having too much stuff can lead to your apartment feeling cramped, but not having all of your stuff can leave you not feeling like you’re at home. 507 more words

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