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Climbing & Conquering Mt. Washmore with Minimalist Tools....

I have two adorable little girls, which makes for the opportunity to buy and receive many MANY equally adorable articles of clothing. Dresses: party dresses sundresses, short sleeve, long sleeve, cotton…, leggings, jeggings, jeans and tights, sweaters, cardigans, jean jackets, shirts, skorts and shorts. 912 more words


I'm In the Closet

I am in the closet.

You may think of many reasons to come out of the closet but I’m staying put. And for any of you who have ever been in the closet, you know what I’m sayin’ is true! 603 more words

Closet Door Patterns And How They Can Entirely Change The Décor

When you select the style for a closet, no matter whether it is for your bedroom, for the dressing area or for your kid’s space, you have to mix 2 factors: appears and functionality. 27 more words

Decorating Ideas

An Easter Closet

All you see is darkness.  Your eyes are open and … now your eyes are closed. Can you tell a difference? No. Because there is no light in here. 310 more words

A fresh look at an old place

If you’ve maxed out the conventional hiding spaces for your shoes and you’re still not done tucking them away, it’s time to take a fresh look at your closet and shelving options that you may not have considered. 209 more words

Closet limbo

Years ago, shortly after coming out, I was dating a girl who was a little older than me (fine, maybe she was more than just a little older than me, but still not as nearly as old as  654 more words