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Stands for Agua de Barcelona, the waterworks. The tower. The tower has obviously many nicknames, none of them having with do it’s actual function as an office building. 51 more words


Patrimonio Arquitectural

Vivo en el Clot, Cerca de Camp de l’Arpa en Barcelona, Cada día para ir al trabajo (cazó mosquitos en el río Besós) hago un largo paseo descendiendo las calles de mi barrio y admirando la pluralidad y encanto de las diferentes viviendas industriales que se esconden entre grandes e impersonales edificios. 471 more words


Don’t Let a Clot Kill You

An undesirable clot can kill you. Often it forms in the deep veins of a leg. This condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is dangerous because the clot can break off and travel to the heart, or lungs, or brain with devastating effects as it reduces vital blood flow to a vital organ. 688 more words


Monster Monday: The Australian Pig Thing.

Our very own Clot describes a short article from the 1880’s in which a headless(whether the head was removed or the thing simply didn’t have a head is never explained)monster’s corpse is described. 6 more words

Daily Posts

{ The Truth } my experience

So You all know I’ve been sick for a little while now. In and out of the hospital and with doctors appointments almost daily. Yes it all does sucks and I get very stressed by it all. 1,214 more words


Colds, Bugs and Late Night Decisions

So I’ve taken a break from the mundane essay writing of third year to ramble in my blog a little. Just to make things worse I have somewhere between a heavy cold and flu to deal with at the same time. 182 more words


The Air of Surprise

I used to hand write diaries. Certain friends of mine would laugh at that and say how lame it was but it makes for interesting reading all these years later. 214 more words