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Farewell diapers

We’ve been diaper free for about eleven months, and it has been great not having to wash diapers every other day.  The trade off of wanting to explore all of the options for using the potty while in public has been irksome (it is better now that she doesn’t like porta potties), but it still beats rinsing poop diapers by a long shot.   47 more words

Carbon Footprint

Loving The Monkeys Bum

Since I started cloth diapering I have learned a lot about different kind of cloth diapers.

Yes, I have the cost effective cloth diapers that make up the majority of my stash but than I have a few customs. 365 more words

Cloth Diapers

the convenience of cloth

2 months, 10 lbs., 3 different wash routines later, we are still cloth diapering exclusively and enjoying fully the convenience of cloth.

Our cloth diaper stash from my previous post… 1,330 more words

The Baby Business

My Experience with Cloth Diapering

As most of my readers know, it took my husband and me 8 years to conceive. That gave me a lot of time to do research on a lot of parenting options. 961 more words


The Potty Dance: Ten Steps to Success with Potty Training

I hated buying diapers. The whole notion of spending money—a lot of money—for something for my kids to poop on just never sat well with me. 1,201 more words


Cloth Diapers Anyone?

I’m not what you would call eco-friendly. I don’t have a green thumb. I have no idea what’s going on with the whales. I’m not exactly sure what a carbon footprint is. 843 more words


How I began my cloth diapering journey!

I’ve always been a serious girly girl! You know the type, never goes outdoors because of bugs, doesn’t wanna get dirty, and never leaves the house without make-up on. 454 more words