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Hutch man who put children in dryer to be re-sentenced

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) — A Hutchinson man convicted of putting two children in a hot clothes dryer as punishment will be resentenced for the third time. 102 more words


How to prevent static cling

Static cling when you’re trying to fold a load of laundry quickly is not your friend.

I actually really like my dryer sheets and can always tell right away when I’ve forgotten to add one in. 208 more words



1. I can drive by and pick me up a fried chicken dinner, as to where one used to have to catch the chicken, kill it, pluck it, and then fry it. 103 more words


Lint, Lint, Lint.

We have a problem.  Perhaps against code, our uncapped dryer vent dumps straight into our garage and not outdoors.

This causes fuzzy cars, lots of dust bunnies, and extra junk on the garage floor.   280 more words

Cheap Fix

Watch out for this energy hog

You may be surprised to learn that the biggest electricity guzzler in your house isn’t your TV or refrigerator.  That special honor goes to… your clothes dryer. 253 more words

Electric Bills

New: Clothes Dryers Can Now be ENERGY STAR Certified!

Up until recently clothes dryers have not been on the list of appliances that can be ENERGY STAR certified. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) clothes dryers account for about 4% of the total residential energy use in the US. 112 more words


NRDC Recommends Gas Dryers

The National Resources Defense Council went on a little rant about clothes dryers in the USA.

A couple of items stood out:

“natural gas dryers typically cost 50 percent to 75 percent less to operate.” 267 more words