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Scented laundry products emit hazardous chemicals through dryer vents

Public release date: 24-Aug-2011

The same University of Washington researcher who used chemical sleuthing to deduce what’s in fragranced consumer products now has turned her attention to the scented air wafting from household laundry vents. 479 more words

Emerging Contaminants


This afternoon, I was complaining about having to wash my clothes, when I suddenly started laughing at myself.  I wasn’t washing my clothes–my washing machine was.  322 more words


Not Everything Goes in the Dishwasher (and Other Shocking truths about the (semi) modern kitchen)

Like many (some) of you, I grew up in the 70′s.  And also like many (some) of you, we weren’t the kind of family that enjoyed modern conveniences.   460 more words

Today is a sad day in the hive.

Our clothes dryer died.

I don’t how long I’ll be in mourning, but while I’m mourning the loss, I’ll only wear clothes that are black and shades of gray.   264 more words


Hanging Out at The Beach

Last  week’s post was about The House of Mars under the siege of snow, and it included a picture of my poor forlorn clothesline; the clothesline I bought when my dryer died last April. 518 more words