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Things I've learned as a [math] teacher.

  • This profession should not be called “teacher”… it’s 20% teaching, and 80% planning/organizing lessons, marking, and being a parent.
  • 7/5 students don’t know how to work with fractions.
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Pure pearls

I love these white pearl earrings from purepearls.com. Wearing a white summer dress today, decided to keep it simple by just adding the cute earring with this look! 9 more words


hipster stripes

Yesterday’s outfit was completely hipster mom status. Stripes? Check. Wavy hair? Check. Artsy leggings & worn out mocs? Check, check! The only thing missing were some tattoos & I’m not being stereotypical here. 145 more words


Why Maternity Bras Make The Perfect Gift For Pregnant Women

All moms-to-be will certainly not appreciate or even like at all the discomfort and uneasiness that comes with the whole pregnancy. A pregnant woman will more or less experience and suffer from morning sicknesses, nausea, hurling, upset stomach, and intense sensitivity or aversion to certain type of food. 191 more words


Elephants !

A huge trend right now is animal print (no… not cheetah or zebra print… but actual animals)! This is an undying statement at Anthropologie; they’re a company inspired by nature, and they’re constantly rocking nature-inspired clothes. 134 more words


Outfit Of The Week

YAY! I have wanted to do this post since I got this blog!

I thought I would start off with OOTW (outfit of the week) and do this once a week. 345 more words


Black hearts

A couple of days ago, I tweeted about a package I received.

It was from Urban Outfitters, I bought a couple of stuff from its sale section (simply because I had a 25%off sale coupon). 138 more words