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Five About Clothes: Binding

Temple Grandin invented a hug machine. In her youth, navigating a touchy-feely world as a person with autism, for whom a light caress was almost maddening, she shied from human contact, choosing to isolate herself instead of risking the gentle hugs, limp handshakes, and the occasional tap on the shoulder. 1,858 more words

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Cozy Winter Style

As you can tell by the title of my blog, I love to wrap up in warm fabrics and drink hot tea. I really do like tweed, in all its scratchy woolen glory. 341 more words


Five About Clothes: Jeans Shopping

I don’t necessarily believe in hell, but I can imagine it: It has stall bathrooms, an inaccessible thermostat (and therefore, like most open-format cubicle-rowed offices, it’s too hot in the winter, too cold in the summer), and all the food is two days past its expiration date, just to fuck with you. 1,804 more words

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Fashion Spotlight: Back to 8 Bits, Super Mario, and Martroid

Ript Apparel has three designs that mix Mario with things like Metroid, Doctor Who, and Superman! Back to 8 Bits, Super Mario, and Martroid from… 73 more words


Christmas Eve

Well, it is no secret that, as life progresses, our lifestyle, habits and priorities shift as well. After years spent working behind my desk with breaks for office birthday parties, Christmas parties and “let’s-have-a-little-party” parties, I am finding myself running a business on my own and having an amazing and bright two-year-old for my main company. 142 more words


Emptying Your Closet

The new year is fast approaching. In reality, this doesn’t mean much for the majority of us–we still need to pay our bills or wake-up for work, or buy laundry detergent.  433 more words

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Five About Clothes: Soaked

Have you ever met someone who seemed so unlike you in so many apparently fundamental ways that you wonder how it’s possible for you both to be the same species? 1,193 more words

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