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A Knife's Edge

The women in my family have a sickness——

We crave the sensation of the jagged knife 
against our runaway flesh. 

Love is the knife.  

I dig my blade across that sweet spot  230 more words

Clothesline Hymns

“Along with the sonnets and blank verse
comes this: the gossip
about which poet is sleeping
with which poet, about who left whom

for who. Don’t you know…

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Clothesline Hymns


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(N.) ‘krindzh-krawl  The embarrassing sentences you forgot to erase at the end of an email after you’d signed off, which show the recipient your early drafts of the email, or worse, contain indiscreet conversations with others. 

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Writing II

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WRITING II | | (a bumper mix of 80+ songs, comprised of a collection of my best songs to write to, with old favourites, soft melodies, crooning voices, and the occasional instrumental.) 13 more words

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