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Clothing Optional

Our house has been a “clothing optional” house (diaper and underwear are required) since our children were old enough to take their clothes off  This is something that has always bothered Henry, but he is slowly coming to accept that it is what it is. 491 more words

Grin and Bare It: Your First Trip to a Nudist Camp

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a nudist camp is really like, especially for someone going there for the first time. It’s not a colony. 1,583 more words


Thank you for Joining 18th Bare Buns Run!

Thank you for joining our 18th Bare Buns Run Today!!

We had over 100 of entry and was quite successful.

Thank you again for everyone who joined our event and we appreciate everybody who volunteered for us. 11 more words

Wreck Beach

Dancin Nekkid.

Helpful hints from Hecate.

Hello again, my little witchy-poos.  This time I feel I just must talk to all y’all about sex.  Yep, ya heared me right.  631 more words


Naturist Odyssey: NAKED CROATIA!

Should you be foolish enough to pick an argument with an acquaintance at a cocktail party about the birth time and place of European naturism, you’re likely to find three viable contenders in the final round for this illustrious title; Germany, France, and… CROATIA! 1,700 more words

Naturist Places

Thank you!

Thank you for joining 1st Wreck Beach International Art Weekend.

It was such a busy weekend!

Thank you for participating in Sandcastle Event. It was nice to have… 71 more words


A Half-Million Naked Germans Can’t be Wrong!

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and I was looking for something interesting to read when I came across this thread on the Young Naturists America… 1,257 more words

Naturist Places