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IBM Bluemix and IBM DevOps Services with Github Integration

In this post I will give you some background on PaaS. Then I will show how you can create a IBM DevOps Services project, that is linked to GitHub, with automatic deployment to IBM Bluemix after code has been committed to the GitHub project. 985 more words


What You Need to Know About Hybrid IT: It's all 'bout that base

Long, long, long ago, we all took Chemistry. One of my absolutely favorite parts of chemistry was the lab — getting liquids and gases to change colors. 457 more words


Performance Management from C-Suite Future Diaries

By Gary Cokins, Founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

What might C-level executives write in their diaries in the future? My crystal ball is crystal clear. 1,268 more words


Solutions for Working with the limited 64KB Windows AZURE table storage entity property.

Hi, if you are new in windows azure and started to used AZURE table storage and inserting entities to specific table partition ..

you might get panicked if you tried to insert big data string and you got “BAD REQUEST” or error in inserting the Entity successfully. 342 more words


Upgrading vCAC 6.0 to 6.1 - tips and tricks

Last night we upgraded our vCAC production environment including our VCO installation on vCenter. Fortunately we prepared this change in our test environment, because we ran into some challenges. 535 more words


Vagrant OpenStack Plugin 101: vagrant up --provider=openstack

Now that we have a multi-node OpenStack environment spun up very easily using Vagrant, we can now take this further by using Vagrant to spin up OpenStack instances too using the… 253 more words