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WARNING: Google Apps for Business Terms of Service

These are the terms of service you are agreeing to in your Google Apps Business account.  See the text highlighted in RED.  Does this agreement concern anyone? 365 more words


Docker, Distributed Systems, and Why it Matters to Magento (Part 2)

In Part 1 I talked about the reasons behind why I believe a Docker based distributed Magento installation makes sense. In this post I continue with how it could work and some of the problems to overcome. 1,090 more words


The Cloud Procurement Pecking Order

I was planning to go to this meeting here in town about “Preparing for the post-IaaS phase of cloud adoption” and it brought home to me how backwards people are generally thinking about cloud. 1,162 more words


Docker, Distributed Systems, and Why it Matters to Magento (Part 1)

Docker is a really interesting technology for scaling Magento installations. Docker is standardizing the way to ship application functionality. It goes further than having an installer and setting up a machine with an operating system, the application, and all the configuration settings by providing a way to package all that configuration into a single “container” that is easy to install and run. 1,164 more words


vCAC 6.0 Tenant Identity store disappearing

The combination SSO and vCAC 6.0, regardless whether the vCAC Identity Appliance is used, a VMware SSO appliance (as part of the vCenter appliance) or a vCenter SSO installation on Windows, results in a 90-day “time bomb”. 524 more words


Workday expands its portfolio, industry and geographic focuses to sustain momentum as competitors mature their own clouds

By Jillian Mirandi, Senior Analyst

Workday leverages a three-pronged strategy to expand addressable market and sustain revenue growth

Workday’s continued revenue growth, 74% year-to-year in 2Q14, demonstrates the company’s ability to lead with its core cloud-delivered human capital management (HCM) application and drive share-of-wallet expansion through product add-ons and new applications. 467 more words


Log Management in the Cloud Age

In traditional systems, logs are lines of text intended for offline human consumption. With the advent of Cloud and Big Data, there is a paradigm shift in what can be logged. 390 more words