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Cloud Atlas

This week’s film is Cloud Atlas, a German film directed by the famous Andy and Lana Wachowskis and one of my all time favorites, Tom Tykwer. 765 more words

Music When The Lights Go Out

Send in the Clones!

The story of a story being born.

I’ve had a few fits and starts with this story, just like I had for Ennid the Havoc.  You can read about the case of the latter, if so inclined, … 698 more words

Science Fiction

cloud atlas - david mitchell

Where would we be without fate?

Cloud Atlas is a dreamy collection of cleverly connected short stories that wonderfully span millennia and genres that will leave you happily questioning your existence and your place in life. 382 more words


David Mitchell's New Novel The Bone Clocks Falls Far Short of His Best Work

David Mitchell’s latest novel The Bone Clocks is 624 pages in hardback, its sprawling metaphysical plot jammed into six overlapping sections that move through six decades and several genres. 1,679 more words


All The Time in The World: Discussing David Mitchell's "The Bone Clocks"

Prior to picking up The Bone Clocks, I’d only read one of David Mitchell’s books, Cloud Atlas.  When I finished it, I couldn’t begin to imagine how Mr. 729 more words

Make Believe

The human spirit is enslaved, but “creatives” are no abolitionists

I know now that this was Florida’s true genius: He took our anx­i­ety about place and turned it into a prod­uct. He found a way to cap­i­tal­ize on our nag­ging sense that there is always some­where out there more cre­ative, more fun, more diverse, more gay, and just plain bet­ter than the one where we hap­pen to be. 1,402 more words


5 Amazing Movies You Probably Have Not Seen

It’s hard to keep up with all the new films that come out. It feels like everyday there’s something new you have to go see. I’ve got a very wide range of taste when it comes to movies, sometimes I love the action and violence, but then other times all I want is for a movie to surprise me. 130 more words

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