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You Should Read Books

This week was a short week (or long weekend) due to an excellent camping trip to Figueroa Mountain Campground in Southern California (more details on this to come Friday). 610 more words


The Sort-Of-Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

            I have mixed feelings about Michael Chabon’s epic Pulitzer-prize-winning masterwork, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. My feelings about the book fluctuated, as I read it, between flat-out amazement and disappointment. 870 more words


On Interconnectivity and Human Proximity

I’ve been thinking about these concepts for a while now. And after a bit of thought and research, I’ve come up with a few ideas to throw out into the world. 943 more words

Summer Reads - Cloud Atlas inter alia

Finished reading Cloud Atlas just a while ago – this book is quite a masterpiece, although it could get rather inaccessible at times because of the multitude of transformations that the English language itself goes through in the six different eras where the stories are set, but that is the genius of the book itself which alone deserves the recognition that the book has garnered. 1,030 more words

Book Review


Everybody else is talking about Robin Williams’ death, and for good reason. The man was a cultural icon, a capital-G genius with a gift for improvisation and an energy that has rarely been matched in comedy or drama. 983 more words


What is Time?

Two things happened last weekend that made me question Time.

Firstly, I heard Jeanette Winterson discuss time at the Sydney Opera House. She grew up in a household that lived in End Time. 887 more words


3 Books I'm Crazy For

In the months of August and September, three of my favourite authors will be releasing/have already released their new books and I just can’t wait to have the books in my hands and inhale the smell of new books (because all book lovers do that right) and just dance (though I cannot dance for nuts) in the euphoria that I will finally get to read the highly anticipated books after months of anxiety disorder no thanks to book withdrawal symptoms and book hangovers. 890 more words