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The Lost Gospel: A Nested Story in tweets

About a week ago, the author David Mitchell announced he was going to publish a short story in tweets.  At the time, I felt slightly miffed that he’d not only beaten me to it, but also alighted on a splendid publicity stunt in spite of not particularly needing the publicity.  634 more words

Flash (General)

David Mitchell: Cloud Atlas

Mitchell again. Having taken the plunge with the lesser-known The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, I thought I’d better read the one that my favourite Professor saw fit to have on her shelves. 184 more words


Perfect Movie/Perfect Film – A Film Review Philosophy

For a while now, I have labored laboriously trying to create a clear and precise grading system with detailed rules and objective criteria of judging for efforts in the big screen cinematic world. 979 more words


Movie Soundtracks that Kill

Here are five soundtracks from five different movies with the exception of Hans Zimmer because…well it would be too difficult to decide on only one soundtrack.


Love not lost

I will always tear up whenever I hear this song. Cloud Atlas is an underrated movie, and yes, I’ve put the blu-ray and soundtrack on my wishlist for Amazon, and hopefully I’ll remember to buy it before school begins, because I need this song. 12 more words


Okay, David Mitchell, Only You Can Get Away With This: The Tweet-Story-Novel-Promo

It was inevitable: someone was going to write an entire short story via Twitter. Probably it’s already happened, but I’ve managed to ignore it because, hard as I try to be all with-it and trendy,*I…I just can’t help myself. 306 more words

Wing's Words

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” – David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Photo of the Florence skyline.

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