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Integrating Technologies Series: Cloud Backup Services

Meeting the professional standards of your field of expertise includes not only completing continuing education, publishing of articles in reputable journals, attendance at conferences and seminars presentations, and membership as well as volunteer work in your community but also having the organizational skills and tools to ensure that you can deliver reliable results to yourself and to your colleagues as well as clients. 433 more words

The Smart Way to Sell Against Consumer-Grade Technologies

There are two types of companies that use consumer-grade technologies to run their businesses: those who don’t know there’s a more viable option and those who don’t care whether a more viable option exists or not. 340 more words

Business Process

Easiest Route to DR for Current vSphere Environments

I feel like I should start this out with a cloud-related pun like so many articles I have read, maybe “silver lining”, or something about not getting rained on, but I will hold back. 509 more words

Improve productivity by writing your notes and not typing them

I have a secret. A grossly underestimated secret.

It isn’t a hush-hush type of thing, really. It’s actually a well-known phenomenon that researchers are still trying to figure out. 568 more words


The Small Business Owner's Complete Guide to the Cloud

Cloud computing. The term is everywhere, an apparent synonym for convenience, scalability, and good plain business sense. Why?

It is the “why” of cloud computing that has gone overlooked amidst all the hype. 1,194 more words

Technology Best Practices

Acronis buys Dutch cloud backup outfit BackupAgent

The U.S. backup-and-recovery firm Acronis has bought a Dutch cloud rival, BackupAgent, for an undisclosed amount.

BackupAgent has more than 900 service provider resellers. The Amsterdam-based firm had been planning expansion in North America and Asia, Acronis had recently launched its own “backup as a service” product and, well, synergies and stuff. 165 more words

Tøffe forhandlinger om IT-budsjetter

Kjenner du deg igjen i Lars Rune’s utfordringer? På skybackup.no finner du ditt beste våpen i forhandlingene. Skybasert backup er kostnadseffektivt, skalerbart og brukervennlig. Puritys skytjenester er i tillegg 100 % norske… 34 more words